~Knockout Roses on our back porch rail, September 30, 2007~
There is no season when such pleasant sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce an effect on feelings, as now in October.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne~

A view from our back yard, October 2006.

A nearby country lane, October 2004.

I can't believe, tomorrow is October 1st. Seems like only yesterday was September 1!
We're hoping for fall color, like the color in the above photos.
The photo, at the top of this entry, was taken early this morning, from the back porch. These are the last roses of summer. When spring began with a freeze, we were uncertain of any blooms. But the roses came back and gave us something beautiful to see all summer long.
Gabi sends her thanks for the wonderful comments on her birthday post. She and her Mama read it together. Gabi said it made her Mama cry. It gave G'ma something to think about, too. Our babies grow up so fast!
Thanks to all my visitors, during September. I appreciate you all, so much!


~Eagle Fork Farm~

I don't know the age of this wonderful old home, at Eagle Fork Farm. I do know it was a stop on the Underground Railroad. I imagine the age must be close to 200 years. The hitching posts still stand. One is seen in the photo. The other is on the opposite side of the gate. Each Autumn, the owners of Eagle Fork Farm have hayrides and other activities and offer beautiful Mums and delightful Pumpkins. A giant maze is cut into one of the cornfields, in the shape of the St Louis Cardinals logo.
I have memories of Xanti at the age of 18 months, choosing her Jack 'o Lantern pumpkin, at Eagle Fork Farm.
This is where we find our Mums, each fall. When our youngest daughter married, in September 1996, we decorated with over 100 Mums from Eagle Fork, for the wedding and reception.
We stopped by here, Sunday afternoon, on our return from Branson. The farm is located just north of Wentzville Missouri, on Hwy 61. If you're in the area, during fall weekends, stop by, you will enjoy!

~We'll just sit here in the pumpkin patch, and you can see the Great Pumpkin with your OWN EYES. ~Linus~

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown~Charles M. Schulz~

These are just a few of the sights you will see at Eagle Fork Farm.

Fall and Hallowe'en items are displayed on pieces once used, at the farm. This photo shows what was once the laundry. Notice the chimney, where water was heated for laundry. This building was also used for preserving meat. There are recipes, still visible on these walls.

This photo was taken in a building that was once a chicken house. I love browsing these buildings.

The exterior of the laundry building.

To the left, in this photo, you see the former chicken house.

Interior of the chicken house.

Mary, while setting up displays, said she hoped to find bittersweet. Wouldn't it look great twined around the sign?

I just simply had to have this sign from Eagle Fork. Sweet Autumn, my sentiment, exactly! I couldn't wait to set it in the window on the back porch!

More Hallowe'en decor arrived in the mail, while we were away. I love this banner from Donna at The Decorated House. She also made the cute tag, on the cloche.
Thank you for visiting our favorite "punkin patch". Just imagine the stories this farm home and out buildings could tell. Remember, if you're in our area, on Saturday or Sunday, this fall, stop by Eagle Fork.



Our Branson road trip began early Friday morning. After breakfast, we met friends at an outdoor craft show, where I found a cute quilt for our expected grandson, Noah. It has a navy background with brightly colored appliqued Angel Fish.

After the craft show we checked in at our hotel. We were very happy to stay right on the Landing. Convenient for dropping off packages and freshening up, during the day. The Hilton at the Landing is a beautiful hotel.

One of my first purchases was here. In fact I made more than one. I love Brighton!

Another favorite, Chico's. Found some wonderful things here, naturally.

A little something for J. He is such a great "traveling companion"! Bass Pro is an anchor store.

A view of the Landing.

Lunch, Saturday, was at Cantina Laredo, where Miguel prepared wonderful Guacamole, at tableside. We sat on the terrace, overlooking Lake Taneycomo.

I took this photo while standing before the large fountain. The flowers were gorgeous. You see our hotel in the upper right. Our room overlooked this street.

This is the large fountain on the square. It is set to music. Fire shoots out through those pipes. Great fun all day and especially wonderful after dark. Lake Taneycomo is in the background.

This is the smaller fountain. The street lights change colors. This is beautiful, after dark.
Saturday morning, my friend JoAnn and I, visited Belk Department Store, the other anchor. I was just going to pick up a bottle of foundation at the Clinique counter. While I waited for Erin to get the foundation, I happened to remember I needed concealer. Sometime, during the concealer conversation, I mentioned my daughter's upcoming wedding. I asked Erin's advice about eye make up for Mother of the Bride Pat. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it, Erin had worked some great magic on my eyes and I walked out of the store, with everything I need for dramatic eyes! Now, if I can just remember how to do this. I see lots of make up rehearsal, before November!
I didn't have my camera at this time, so JoAnn took the photo, at the Clinique counter.
We left Branson, late Saturday afternoon. Our friends JoAnn and Jim will be there 2 weeks.
We stayed overnight, last night, at our condo, at Lake of the Ozarks, and started home at about 8:00, this morning. Our drive from the lake usually takes about 2.5 hours. Today, we managed to stretch it to 5 hours. We made a couple detours. One of the detours was our favorite "punkin patch". The photo, a sneak peek, was taken in the former laundry of the historic farm. Look for more about our "punkin patch", in a post later this week.



It's time for a "road trip". We're driving south, this evening. Our weekend of exploring begins with an overnight stop at our place at Lake of the Ozarks. Tomorrow, we're driving to our destination, where we'll meet our friends, JoAnn and Jim.

This is the home of the only US President from Missouri. We toured the home, in Independence, November 2005. It's just as it was, when Harry and Bess lived there. Though not on our itinerary, this time, the home and Truman Library are both interesting places, we'd like to see again. When we visited, the Whitehouse in miniature was on display.

Will we have breakfast at Hemingway's? It's a definite possibility. How can J drive through Springfield without a stop here.

We hope to see lots of new sights and shops in Branson. Perhaps we'll drive south to Big Cedar. We've stayed there a few times and enjoyed every minute. This photo, from Big Cedar, was taken 2 years ago.
Sitting beside the lake, trying new dining places and shopping on The Landing are on our list of things to do. If we're lucky, we'll see a gorgeous Ozark sunset or two. As for sunrises, I'm not sure we'll be awake in time for those. Sleeping a little later, is also on our agenda.
Thank you for coming by and your kind comments about my Fall decorating and the Windsor chairs, this week.
Have a wonderful weekend!


~Our Windsor Chairs~

Our Windsor rockers and stool were handmade by Ralph Quick and painted by Caron Quick at The Windsor Chair Shop, Clarksville Missouri. The photo above was taken in our hearth room, this morning. Above the handcarved Swan, on the mantle, is a print of John Pils' Historic St Charles Missouri.

This photo collage shows the detail of the chairs. Caron Quick chip carved the designs. When the chairs were assembled, Caron painted them with 2 coats of milk paint. They were then given an antique finish. Ours are painted black over red. At the end of the process, the furniture is handrubbed with boiled linseed oil.
Our Windsors were custom fitted to each of us. Our legs were measured from the bend of the knee to the floor, for a perfect fit.
The style of our chairs is Nantucket Fan-Back.

The seat of each piece is dated, signed and numbered. Our names were added to each of our chairs.

Antique and new tools are used. Hard Maple is the choice of wood for legs, White Pine for seats, and Red Oak for spindles, bows and arms.
Earlier this year, the Quicks participated at The Colonial Craftman's Faire at Endview Plantation, Newport News Virginia.
During October The Windsor Chair Shop will be demonstrating chair making at Deutsch Country Days at Luxenhaus Farm, Marthasville Missouri. The date, October 20-21. If it's possible for you to travel to the vicinity of Marthasville, I recommend a visit to Deutsch Country Days. It's a wonderful event, featuring crafts, done in the old style. We've attended and enjoyed.
The Windsor Chair Shop:
Ralph and Caron Quick are listed in Best of Missouri Hands. This is a wonderful site, featuring artists from around Missouri. To learn more about The Windsor Chair Shop and other Missouri artists, visit:
Deutsch Country Days:


~Fall Decorating Part II~

Cloches, covering gourds, sit atop a small cabinet, in the breakfast room. Above the cabinet are two prints of Kathy Glasnap paintings of lighthouses, in autumn and winter, Door County Wisconsin. A maple youth chair sits beside the wicker stand. To the left, in shadows, is a small table that sits beside the fireplace in the hearth room.

I visited Studio Stuff (listed in my side bar), Friday. Linda posted about a shop, with lots of fall decor. One of the items was a beautifully decorated fall tree. I decided, right then and there, I needed to put together a fall tree!
The tree I chose, is one of three I bought at JC Penney, about 6 years ago.
I found the leaf garland in our basement storage area. The feathers are from last Christmas, when I put together a feather Christmas tree for the dining room. Other bits and pieces are from around the house. The unlit fall tree sits in a small copper pot, in the foyer.


I bought this square wreath at Nell Hill's, Mary Carol Garrity's shop in Atchison KS. It's made of green leaves. I added silk flowers and fall leaves from our storage and strands of rust colored raffia. It hangs on the back porch fireplace.

We removed the sea grass rug, for fall and winter and replaced it with one of our old braided rugs. The rug is placed in front of a black iron glider. The photo was taken from the hearth room door. On the opposite side of the porch is the door to the master suite.

A sepia photo of the back porch.

I haven't finished decorating the front porch. I've, once again, used these fall containers, that I've had a couple of years. I plan to have two potted mums on the porch, also. I think this does it for fall decorating, this year. But notice, I said think! I never know when I might come up with another idea or three.


~Fall Decorating~

I used a ceramic pumpkin and wire basket, I've had a few years, on the dining room table. This is the only fall decorating I'll do in this room.

The cooler weather, we're having this week, has put me in the mood for fall decorating. I found everything I need in the basement storage. It's amazing how easy it is to get around and find things there, since the Garage Sale!

I didn't decorate for fall, last year, because we started decorating for the Christmas open house in late September. Fall is my favorite season. I enjoy putting together little vignettes, throughout the house.

A closeup of the plant stand arrangement, was taken with the new camera. All the other photos were taken with my little Kodak camera. I'm keeping it nearby, until I learn more about the Canon.

This arrangement of faux leaves and pumpkins is in a large crock bowl, I've had several years. It sits in the center of the farmhouse style table in our breakfast room.

I plan to decorate the front door and back porch, over the weekend. I have some ideas dancing around in my head.
What are your plans for fall decorating? I'm looking forward to seeing how you're celebrating Autumn.
Have a wonderful weekend!