~Rural Missouri Snapshots II~

Saturday, J and I visited a farmers market a few miles north of our town. When I saw the Banties, shown in the top photo, a childhood memory came flooding back. It was an event I will remember as long as I can remember.
My Granddad worked for MFA, an agri-business, based in Missouri. Granddad worked at the MFA Exchange in Lebanon, Missouri. The event that will remain in my memory began at an MFA meeting, during the late 1940's, held at what I believe was the old Exchange building on Commercial, in Lebanon. Entertainment was provided by a Magician. At one point in his performance, the Magician called my cousin Shirley to the stage to assist him in preparing a "cake". Shirley, who was about 6 or 7, at the time, eagerly accepted the invitation. The Magician added eggs and other ingredients to a large pan, then covered it with a lid and waved the magic wand over the pan. Shirley removed the lid and was surprised to find a pan full of chicks! Those cute little chicks went home to live with Granddad and Granny and grew into beautiful birds, similar to the hens and rooster in the photo.
One afternoon, when I was around 5 or 6 years old, Granddad was mowing the side yard, when he noticed the gate beside the chicken house was open. He called out to me to run back and latch the gate. I didn't get around to that little chore, because as I approached the gate, Shirley's pretty little Bantam Rooster came flying out and jumped on my head, flogging me as I ran screaming to the front porch, where the screen door flew open and out reached Granny's hand to pluck that cute little rooster from my head.
I don't know if it was coincidence or frontier justice, but the next day, a big bowl of Granny's chicken and dumplings, magically, appeared on the dinner table.
Below, are a few photos from Saturday.

We brought home a loaf of this bread and a Strudel. I also purchased two bars of goat milk oatmeal soap.

Later we visited Auburn Farm and Home. As you can see, from the photos, the store offers a variety of items.

When I saw this gazebo, I thought it would be so nice to have one in our back yard. J's Pawley's Island Hammock would fit perfectly there and I could add some of those wispy curtains, Melissa talks about, here.
We ended our day, at this Methodist Church, where we picked up fried chicken dinners, to take home, where we dined on the patio. The perfect end to a wonderful day.
The small church, in the background, is Friedens United Church of Christ. I've photographed this church and other country churches. When I add more to my collection and do a bit of research, I'll write about them here, at the Back Porch.
Yesterday evening, we found a package on the front porch. When I opened it, I found these wonderful gifts from Rosie, at Rosie's Whimsy. When I saw this pretty bag, I thought of the lake. Rosie mentioned the lake in her card. Also in the package was one of Rosie's Scrappy Tassels. Look how great this cute tassel looks, hanging from a knob of the black cabinet in our breakfast room.

We will travel to the outskirts/suburbs of the big city, tomorrow. J's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Tomorrow, his meals will be clear liquids, only. I'm preparing one of his favorite meals, today; beef roast, potatoes, carrots and onion.

I'll touch base here, around the middle of this week, with an update on how the surgery went and J's progress. We remain confident all will go well.

Your kind words here and in e-mails and your thoughts and prayers have been and continue to be very important to us. Our thanks to you all for thinking of us and joining us on this journey.


~Lions & Parrots & Trees, Oh My~

He who plants a tree, plants hope.
~Lucy Larcom, "Plant a Tree"~

The photo collage shows the new tree J planted, yesterday afternoon. The small Crepe Myrtle, previously planted in this bed, didn't survive winter. We had no plan or tree in mind, when we visited World Outdoor Emporium, Wednesday morning. We thought a red Japanese Maple might be what we needed. When we saw the green Japanese Maple, we knew that was the tree. The green will show well, next to the brick of our home.

While at the garden center, we did some exploring. If you live in the Saint Louis area, we recommend a visit here. There are acres of trees and plants, fountains, statuary, natural stone and all other things to do with gardening and decorating your outdoor rooms. World Outdoor Emporium West is located at Wentzville, Missouri.

Today, J added several Stella D'Oro Lilies, around the tree.

~I'm a Leo~

All this and a Parrot, too!

I think that I shall never see

A billboard lovely as a tree.

Perhaps, unless the billboards fall,

I'll never see a tree at all.

~Ogden Nash, "Song of the Open Road" 1933~


~April Afternoon At Our House~

Rhododendron PGM, next to the front porch.
Bee in a Rhododendron blossom.

At last, Spring weather has arrived in Missouri!
I took a few photos around the yard, this afternoon. The photo of a Grape Hyacinth, at right, has been altered in the editing program, Photofiltre.
I took the photo, Monday evening, not long before sunset.

~Grape Hyacinth~
~Hosta Frances Williams~

The Hosta garden, next to the patio, is waking up.
Tulips in our neighbor's garden. And the Redbud, beside our breakfast room window.