~A Bedroom Metamorphosis~


It took a little while…well, more than a little while, for me to figure out, decorating in a popular style isn’t necessarily always the correct way to  achieve ones own personal style.

The original condo master bedroom decor was a perfect example of my trying to follow a style idea that wasn’t quite right for us.

As I look back, I see nothing wrong with the style, it just didn’t fit Pat & J.



British Colonial and/or tropical island were very popular styles, at the lake and elsewhere, during summer, 2003, when we bought our condo. 

Silk trees and greenery were readily available and used here, there, and everywhere. 

Over the years, I’ve sold or donated the silk trees and greenery, along with BC and tropical accessories.

The rattan/wicker bombe chest, seen in the collage above, has a new home on the back porch, after a small makeover.


In an attempt to lighten and brighten the condo master bedroom, I used the items, shown below, for a mini-makeover during October 2007.elements_of_changeA

Fall 2007

The colors were good and the accessories fine; still, the style was not what I was looking for.

The room languished over the past three years, while I pondered what to do.

Then I saw this photo.


The Look

I decided to put my own spin on the inspiration room and went to work looking for furniture, bedding, and accessories.

The ingredients for my redo recipe are:


  • Sherwin Williams Antique White (walls)
  • Lowe’s Valspar Aerial View, from the Seaside Retreat Collection (shutters)


  • Sara Tetley coastal cottage prints
  • A pair of bi-fold doors
  • An old table in white and distressed, from All About Home (Troy, MO)
  • Shells and bric-a-brac, found at home and around the condo
  • A dresser and four poster bed, similar to the bed in the inspiration photo, from Bescheinen Furniture (Versailles, MO)
  • A wicker beach chair, with fun upholstered cushions, from Bescheinen Furniture
  • Raymond Waites (on clearance) comforter and shams, from Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • One other item, not in the room at this time,  a TV

Yes, our romantic country, lakeside retreat, with a nod to coastal living in middle America, will have a TV.

The coastal look fits Lake of the Ozarks living.

Our lake has more shoreline than the coast of California.  We have gulls and sailboats and shells…Mussel shells, in the Ozarks.


Saturday 8/7, waiting for furniture delivery. 

I would love to have wood floors in this room, but it isn’t in the budget at this time. 


We found the oar at The Front Porch Antiques, near Jefferson City MO. 

I imagine it could tell a few stories. 

At some point in time, the oar blade split and was repaired with what appear to be fence staples.  Have you had experience with fence staples?  J and I have had a tad bit of experience, building and mending fence with this type of staple.  A piece of tin was also used to repair an edge of the blade.  The paint is all but worn off; what is left is a perfect match for the blue I used in the makeover.


The metal sailboats, above the door, were purchased several years ago at Evergreen Mfg. Osage Beach Missouri.


Door knob hook is from Pier One Imports.



We purchased a pair of wood bi-fold doors, to use as shutters, at Lowe’s and painted them Valspar Arial View from the Seaside Retreat Collection.

Because we are on the 5th floor of the condo, privacy hasn’t been an issue. I decided not to replace the bamboo roller shade, when we finished the makeover.



One of my lake sunrise photos is in the frame.


Fishing gear storage is solved with a stand behind the door.

The breakfast bar is seen through the door.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered two industrial look stools from




Easterly view of the lake through the sliding doors. 

Old Glory always flies when we are at the condo.


The TV will sit on the dresser. 

Sara Tetley prints are grouped behind the chair. A lighthouse birdhouse, made of reclaimed wood, sits on the floor.  Side pockets, in the chair, hold magazines and books.




The original color of the shell shelf was a dark wood tone.  The sailboat has been used at the condo since 2003.

The door beside the chair leads to the master bathroom.  I don’t have photos because to tell you the truth…in reality…it looks a bit like a disaster today.  The wall color, in the bathroom, is Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua. Our daughter and son in law painted the room, last year, using paint left from our dining room redo at home. 

I picked up two more of the door knob hooks, at Pier One Imports, to use in the bathroom.  I have an idea for different prints for the walls. 

After the mini facelift, I’ll add a couple of photos in an upcoming post.


The small wicker chair and sailboat pillow were brought in from another room.



New Bar Stools


A close-up of the new bar stools, seen through the door in a couple of the bedroom photos.  They look great with the new barn board farmhouse table. 

On the wall, in the background, is Fifi Flowers’ painting of a lunch table on our deck.

I am linking this post to Susan’s Metamorphosis Monday.