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While clicking and clicking this morning, I managed to get this page back.  Still no custom domain.com. That is gone forever, I am afraid.  I’m now posting on blogspot.com, for the purpose of relaying the address for Back Porch Musings’ new home.
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Thanks so much!
Bradford Pear Blossom
Monday morning, we made a quick trip to Wentzville MO, were J was having a blood draw at Quest Diagnostics.  Nothing to worry about, we are making progress with the pesky Pro Time.
As I waited in the car, listening to the radio and reading, I glanced out the window and thought I was seeing things.
The parking lot, at Quest, is lined with Bradford Pear trees. 
Normally, in our neck of the woods, Bradford Pear blooms in early Spring.  This one appears to be confused.
I attracted attention, as I was getting a closer look and capturing a photo or two.  The expressions on various faces didn’t deter me from my mission.
I wonder if folks were focused on the quirky little old white haired lady, with the camera, and missed the phenomena of a September blooming Bradford Pear; I hope not.
This fellow, not believing his eyes, moved in for a closer look at the tree and the photographer.
My camera is with me at all times.  Not for possible blog opportunities, but rather the passion I have for photography.  I had an interest in photography long before I began Back Porch Musings, in 2007.  Because of Back Porch Musings, my interest grew.  I hope the passion continues, when Back Porch Musings is a distant memory.
A carousel ride…
A few days ago I visited my cousin’s Facebook page and was absolutely delighted with a photo, I saw.
Sad to say, many times senior citizens are dismissed as confused and a tad quirky, if not downright loopy.  I’m sure similar thoughts were going through the mind of at least one of the people watching me “dance” around the “confused” pear tree, clicking away with my trusty Canon.
My cousin’s 70th birthday is in December.  I smiled when I saw the Facebook photo, taken while she rode a carousel.  The photo’s title, 7 or 70. 
I’m not sure, with my short chubby legs, I could climb upon a carousel horse.  I might give it a try, for my 70th birthday in three years….or maybe sooner.  Until then, I’ll enjoy the Camaro…another kind of carousel ride.
Blog Confusion….perhaps….
I continue to enjoy blogging and am amazed at the number on the Follow list.  It was two years ago next month, when that list began to grow, not long after I added the Follow widget.  I’ve never asked anyone to follow, the list just grew. 
I think, at times, we are taken in by numbers and confused by the competitive nature that sometimes happens in the land of blog. 
The advice of this little old white haired lady is to blog because you love it.
I completely understand having an interest in numbers if your business is connected with your blog.  But if you are blogging as a hobby, forget about the numbers and competition.  Someone somewhere is reading your blog and benefitting from your efforts, whether they stop by and tell you or not.  You touch the lives of others, without being aware of doing so.
Relax, enjoy the process.  I’ve always said, when the Back Porch becomes work, I’ll stop blogging.  I’ve slowed down a time or two, when it began to feel like a job rather than a hobby.  I’ve begun to do a few more posts, lately.  It just happens.  I don’t plan it.  If a project, day trip or meal looks like it will work for the Back Porch, I’ll take some photos and put together a draft. 
I believe a laid back approach to blogging works for me.  Otherwise, blogging just might take over my life and I would miss out on confused pear trees and carousel rides.
Thanks to all who read Back Porch Musings.  I truly appreciate your visits.
Thank you, also, for indulging this senior with her rambling little story of the confused tree and other things.


Southern Lady said...

I loved this post, Pat. The Bradford Pear is amazing, and you captured it beautifully, along with the little grasshopper you received as lagniappe.

You made some very good points about your reasons for blogging, too. Just this week, three blogger friends whose blogs I've enjoyed for years felt the need to shut down their blogs. I can understand their reasons, but their talents and inspiration are going to be missed by many followers, many of whom they weren't even aware of.

You are so right about how many hearts your stories and pictures may touch, or how your words may brighten someone's day -- and that person could be halfway around the world. To me, that's what blogging is all about -- reaching out to others and sharing our part of the world and the way we see it ... through our words and through our photographs.

Your world is a beautiful world, Pat, and I'm so glad you take the time to share it with us.

mary beth said...

Pat, thanks for sharing your world with us..I love your blog and really enjoy reading about your travels and especially appreciate the lovely photos! You are such a talented gal and your sweet spirit shines through every time!

Allie and Pattie said...

Thank you Pat- this was very timely as life seems to be crashing right now. May Back Porch Musings NEVER be a distant memory
xoxo Pattie
P.S.- I just recently mentioned to Ray how I missed the Spring bloom of all the Bradford pears in NY! :)

Deb said...

Hi Pat - I've followed you for months and I don't think I've ever commented before. That said, your blog is one of my favorites, not only because of the beautiful photography, but because of your writing. I think your "laid back" approach to blogging is perfect, and life in general might be easier and more fun if we tried to take a more "laid back" approach to all of it!! AND I love the new font - easier to read!!! Thanks for writing.

Carol at Serendipity said...

Good post. Wise words about blogging. I find I need to keep all things in perspective. Comments do mean a lot but I do have to remember that I do this for myself and what I can learn. I am pleased about how much I am using my camera and computer.


Kammy said...

Love your post Pat ! (pictures and words !)
So true, so true. I do not blog for a popularity contest...I am too lazy or too busy to take off the "awards" off my sidebar. I really don't need awards. I think I
am going to invest in a smaller camera bag to make mine more portable. See you inspired me...again..If I saw you snapping away at something , I would grab my camera and join you ! Rambel, rambel...remember I am not a writer... Again, loved your post as I can tell its from your heart !
Enjoy your day !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Jen said...

Well said Pat! I love your blog and hope you continue for many years to come.


thestonerabbit said...

What's going on with those pear trees? I agree with you.. . they are definitely confused! :) How great that you had your camera and captured the event!! I know I have gotten lots of odds looks from those who saw me take a photo or two at different times, but that doesn't bother me either! :) However, my photos are never as great as yours!

Loved your well stated blogging thoughts. I have backed way off from posting because I found I was just spending too much time at the computer, however, I LOVE creating posts and visiting blogging friends. . . I just had to find a better way to blend those times with my "life". I hope you know, because I've said it so many times, that I LOVE your blog...have from the from the very first visit. You are so gifted in so many directions. It's always a joy to visit you and see what "present" you have left for us to view. Keep up the amazing work, Pat. We love you! dana

Sherri said...

Pat thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures in this post!!! I love the Bradford Pear tree pictures and that lovely grasshopper!

About blogging, I truly understand how some people feel their blogs have started to rule their lives. I blog as a hobby and if I don't have anything to say or share I wait until I do. Sometimes people get so caught up in blogging and as you said it does become a job. I hope that everyone still blogs and shares when they want to and what they want to. It can be very enjoyable and you meet so many lovely people like yourself!

Thanks for sharing what you do with us and your pictures are absolutely lovely and wonderful! Enjoy!

Stephanie said...

Love this post, the photos, and your point of view! I hope that confused tree makes everyone stop and smile at its pretty flowers. I love the way you share your world with us!

Janna Qualman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janna Qualman said...

Your blog is just beautiful! Love your photos, especially of that Bradford Pear.

I'm a MO girl, too. Actually drove past Wentzville over the weekend! We saw signs of a little rain and some clouds out east, but it was beautiful otherwise.

Karen said...

Enjoyed imagining how your day unfolds with the camera and the blog. I am new to blogging and have to keep in check! I have no intentions to let it become anything but enjoyment. Thank you for sharing your feelings about Back Porch Musings.
We do enjoy looking at your beautiful photography.

sewingseeds4U said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. From the curious pear tree to your thoughts on blogging. Like everything in life, blogging too, will ebb and flow. Blogs are supposed to be fun...it seems quite a few bloggers are taking things a bit too seriously. That said, your blog is always beautifully photographed and I like your ramblings. Patty

Shelia said...

Oh, Pat, what a wonderful post with lots of good advice! I so agree. When I first started blogging, somehow I thought I had to post every day. When I woke up in the middle of the night panicking because I didn't have a post for the next day it hit me - this is supposed to be fun. Then I slowed down and realized as much fun as I was having I didn't 'have to' post every day.

I so enjoy your love and zest for life and how you share the 'smelling of the roses' with us!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Adrienne said...

What a fun post! You 'hit the nail on the head' - right on, my friend. Love the pear tree that is doing it's own thing and your blog advice is perfect. Do it from your heart. Thank you for being part of my blog world - I love sharing your world. And your heart.

Brenda Kula said...

I hope it's no time soon that Back Porch Musings is a distant memory. For I truly enjoy you and your blog. You're so right: blogging should be fun. There are those who do so for a business. And I understand that too. But you can tell when it's merely someone's enjoyment. You can always just tell. (Yea for the confused Bradford Pear tree! I like a tree with a little spunk.)

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

I agree completely..do it because you love it. I would be totally lying, though if I said that I did not enjoy all the comments. Those comments tell me that people enjoy dropping by and just like my home, there is nothing better than having company drop by for a visit. Love your confused Bradford pear tree....hope the others take care of him through the winter.

A Garden of Threads said...

I am a new follower and to me this is a wonderful post, thank you for sharing the advice. Take care and have a great day.
P.S. Great pictures of the confused Pear Tree, have not idea why it would flower now.

Loui♥ said...

love the post!
love following you on the Blog..
such amusing fun!
your photos are phenomenal!!
each visit teaches me another secret of the trade..
thanks from the bottom of my heart!!
warm sandy hugs!

Carolyn said...

I love when Nature surprises us! Beautiful pictures and I am so glad you shared you thoughts on blogging.

Recently,I found myself rethinking why I blog. The reasons I began in 2006 are still the same but have taken a slightly different direction. I decided that I still enjoy it and find a satisfaction in for myself, whether anyone ever reads or looks at it.

I have so enjoyed your wonderful blog and the beautiful pictures of your home and country surrounding. You give me something to look forward to, keep sharing with us!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good Morning Pat,
What a lovely post! I've never heard of a Bradford Pear blooming at this time of year but what a wonderful discovery for you. I think these kind of posts are the most interesting...ones that were unexpected and that brought delight to the author. I agree with you...Blogging should be done because you love it. When it stops being fun or becomes a burdon it will be time for me to quit.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Maura :)

On Crooked Creek said...

It is due to your blogging and several others that I began to blog this Summer! I hope this hobby has longevity with you, for I draw tremendous inspiraton from it's contents!
Over the past few years, the magazines I use to subscribe to went by the wayside. . .it was then that a dear friend introduced me to the world of Blog.
I have felt such a connection to Blog land and thank all of you ladies out there who fill my home with inspiring ideas each week.
Again, many thanks!

Cindy said...

Hi Pat,
I agree with all that you say about blogging. I have not added the Follow widgeton my blog, for fear that I would begin to worry over numbers. I blog simply for the enjoyment of it and I love meeting people from around the world. I have made some incredible friends, I may never see them, face to face, but I can see their hearts and hear their voices as they speak through their blogs. Recently, someone told me that they could tell me how I could have thousands of people coming to my blog. I told then in no uncertain terms that I was not interested.
You may be in your 60's, but you do not come across as a confused little old lady at all! You are one classy lady and I enjoy your blog and your writings very much. And I have been reading your blog since you started in '07!
The cherry trees began to bud here in Winnipeg last year in November because the weather was so warm. But the horticulturist that I heard speak of it said that trees do become confused if the weather does not follow the normal pattern. And that no harm would be done, they would do dormant as soon as the weather turned cold and it would bud and blossom again, come Spring.
Hugs, Cindy

Claudia said...

Wonderful post, Pat. And such good advice. I blog because I love it - the writing, the photography, the sharing with others. Yes, I check out the number of followers, but I am very aware that many people read the blog that don't follow and don't comment. And many of my followers probably don't read the blog anymore. That number in the followers box isn't really accurate.

Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Looks like that Pear tree wants to march to a different drummer!


Millie said...

Great post...I always enjoy your photos and writings. Your decorating style is my favorite...keep it up!

Anita said...

I cannot believe those blooms!! I have had azaleas do the same thing, but never a Bradford Pear! I used to have Camero, 1991, red, T Top V-8. Then I had my first child. Nice tips about blogging too. I do it only when I have time. I see my followers dropping off, but I know there is someone somewhere, Lithuania lol, who might be inspired by something!! You have such a beautiful blog and always something nice to say:-)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I agree with everything you said here Pat!
Blogging should be fun and not a chore.
Your pics always draw me back and I hope your blogging for a long time to come.
I usually post 2 or 3 times a week and I never feel that I have to. I know there are a gazillion blogs out there for others to read.

Deserae said...

Beautiful pics of the little pear tree! I have been struggling with whether to keep blogging or not lately. Then out of the blue three people emailed me and told me how much they enjoy my blog! I was quite surprised but think I will take your approach from now on....thanks so much for sharing! You are such in inspiration :o)

Susan said...

I am one of your newest followers and I am just in love with all of your photos and your sage advice. I had another blog before and like you said, it became more of a job than a hobby. So I shut it down and just decided to start over. I really thought about what I wanted out of it. I'll never make money out of it and I'll never have all the decorating and makeovers that some of my other favorite bloggers do, BUT that's okay. I've come to realize that I am not a follower...I'm sort of a black sheep, but in a good way ;o) I'm going to post when I feel like it and I am going to try to use my cameras more often. I would love to take a photography class and really learn what all those buttons are for, lol. You are a wonderful inspiration and I hope you are around for a very long time ;o)

Marlis said...

What a beautiful post full of confusion and truths.. That poor pear - what's it going to do when frost falls on the pumpkin?

Truth in blogging and why we do it.. it's personal, passionate and not very private..

Thanks for sharing!

xinex said...

Your photos are always amazing, Pat. What a beautiful tree! Great capture of the cricket, that's what is is, right? ..Christine

Deb said...

I have a Bradford Pear in my backyard & it's Spring blooms are just so pretty. Now we have berries which makes delicious jam but I prefer to let the birds & squirrels enjoy it! I like your blogging attitude & hope you continue to write for many years ♥

Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Pat, glad to hear J is making progress with his treatments. I saw a blooming tree the other day also, and thought how strange it seemed this time of year. I'm not sure what kind it was, even.

My explanation, if you care to hear it, the heat has stressed many trees into de-leafing early, as your bradford pear seems to have done, and it has rebloomed in an effort to multiply, as seeds are born out of the blooms....

and on numbers: oddly, many of my favorite blogs and those I read the most, such as your own, I don't even follow. I hear the following provides a good way to track on Google reader, but I just click the link from my sidebar if I want to read.

And yes, go ride that carousel on your birthday, you are more limber than you give yourself credit for!

Helen said...

I blog because I love the energy it provides ... I don't track anything except the amazing folks who happened to have found me .....

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good morning my Dear friend...Girl I have your new addy...I would hate not to be able to see you and your GREAT photos..Thanks for coming by my friend...your the best...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria