~The Dish Closet & Giveaway~



Once upon a time it was the pantry.  As a matter of fact, it’s still called the pantry, even though it is now the dish closet.

We eventually realized a double door, for the pantry, would have been more practical.  Hindsight is 20/20, as they say. 

The area, to the left of the door, is difficult to access.  Things have a tendency to end up in a dark corner, forgotten.

I decided to move the dishes here and use the corners for seasonal dishes and the more accessible shelves for everyday dishes.

The food items, once stored here, have found a home in a tall cabinet, next to the refrigerator.   

dishclosetA The steps are used for reaching items on the higher shelves.dishcloset2a Christmas and other seasonal dishes are seen in the area, to the left of the door.dishcloset5 Table setting things, used more often, are seen in this photo.dishcloset4 dishcloset6 A chafing dish, chargers, placemats are stored on the top shelf.

I purchased the pantry sign a few years ago.  I can’t recall where.



The “new” pantry.  Each of the shelves pull out. 

The cabinets above the tall cabinet and refrigerator hold stemware and seasonal vignette accessories.

Back Porch 3rd Anniversary


Three years ago, March 6th, I began this little journal.   

I had no idea how Back Porch Musings would evolve.  I’ve enjoyed and hope to continue, at least a few more years.

As a token of my appreciation to you, my dear friends, I am stopping by Target, this week, and purchasing a $50 Gift Card, to include in my anniversary giveaway. 

To enter the giveaway for the card and a couple of little surprises, you need only leave a comment, on this post, between now and Sunday evening March 7th, when I will draw the name of the recipient.

Have a great week!






-Dogwood, Lake of the Ozarks-April, 2009-

Just stopping by to leave these photos from Spring 2009 and to wish you all a wonderful weekend!

While on a little computer/blog break, I’m organizing the dish closet.  More about that next week.



~Capturing Roscoe & Camellias~

roscoe5 mollyA


roscoe2a Molly has several friends, in the neighborhood.  They include Daisy the Dachshund and King the Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Today, I’m introducing, next door cat about town, Roscoe.

Molly and Roscoe have been close friends for several years. 

Roscoe came to the neighborhood when he was little more than a kitten.  It’s difficult to describe him as a stray cat; he’s so debonair. 

Our neighbors’ granddog lived with them, several months, while their daughter and son in law were building their new home.

  Champ was here, when we were building our home, in 2003. It was love at first sight for Champ (a Boxer) and Molly.  I believe she missed him as much as our neighbors did, when he moved to his new home.

When Roscoe wandered into our little corner of the world, a few months after Champ left, he was welcomed, by Molly, with open arms.  Roscoe soon learned to just roll over, if he saw Molly running toward him.

It wasn’t long until our neighbors adopted Roscoe.  Even though he’s an outside cat, he enjoys all the comforts of home. 

Roscoe has regular Vet visits and has…umm..ahem…been neutered.

  His territory seems to be the homes on our cul de sac and the farm, behind us. 

Our back porch is Roscoe’s home away from home. 

I’ve tried, on several occasions, to capture a close up photo of Roscoe, with no luck, until Monday morning. 

While J and Molly were on their morning walk, Roscoe decided to visit the back porch. There he sat, on the ledge of the window, beside my desk.  I quickly grabbed my camera and managed several photos before he got that look in his eye.  I recognized the look.  He was preparing to leave, in a hurry.  It’s the same look I get from Molly when I try to take her photo.  It’s as if she’s thinking, there she goes again, trying to steal my spirit with that magic clicking contraption!


Isn’t he a beauty!


Camellias remind me of beautiful chiffon prom and party dresses of the 1950’s. They also remind me of layers of heavily starched cancan slips, from the same era.

The following Camellia photos were taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Saturday February 20.









~2010 Orchid Show Part One~


 orchid show 12

 One of the more unusual looking Orchids, at the Show.

I took the photo with the Canon G11 Power Shot.

All other photos, in this post, were taken by me, with the Canon Rebel Xti, using a Tamron 18-200 Lens.


orchid show 16B







orchid show 7


After visiting the Orchid Show, we walked to the Climatron.


This is one of the waterfalls inside the Missouri Botanical Garden Climatron.  I took this photo, just after walking inside.  

The effect, in the photo, is caused by camera lens fog, from the change in temperature/climate. It’s as if we traveled from a February day in Missouri to a tropical rain forest.

a camellia preview

Camellia Preview

I’m printing several floral photos, for matting and framing.  I don’t know where they will be used. It will be fun figuring that out.

These photos were taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show-2010, Saturday 2/20.



I was asked about the Watermark on my photos.  I use Windows Live Writer to compose my posts.  There is a tool for adding the Watermark, in the program.

Artichoke Annie’s Antique Mall

Merrie asked if Artichoke Annie’s would be worth a day trip.  Definitely worth the trip.  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time.  Lots to see and everything is well organized.  We were very impressed with this antique mall.  You might also plan having a meal in Columbia, which is just a short drive west of the mall.



~A Floral Invitation~


 These photos are a hint of what will be seen at Back Porch Musings, beginning Monday.

I hope to add floral photos to each of my usual posts, during the week.

Saturday, we attended the Orchid Show, at Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis.

I took over 200 photos, using my Canon Rebel Xti and added a few to this post.

  J took just about as many with the Canon G11.  I haven’t downloaded the G11 photos, as of Saturday evening. I reviewed them and can say, J captured wonderful photos.  I plan to work on getting more photos ready, Sunday.

As you can imagine, the Orchid Show was absolutely breathtaking. 

We were delighted to see the Camellias in bloom, also. 

We walked through the Climatron and strolled the outdoor Garden.  Here and there, we saw hints of Spring.


 Words cannot describe these gorgeous flowers. I don’t know how many different varieties of Orchids were represented in the show. I do know, we enjoyed each and every one.

If you recognize an orchid, in these photos or the ones next week and you know the name, please let me know.  I was so busy getting photos, I didn’t get information. 

I’m truly excited about all the photos we were able to bring home.




Be sure to stop by Back Porch Musings, during the week, to see more of these amazing flowers.

Meanwhile, I’m linking to Mary’s Mosaic Monday. Please visit, for beautiful Mosaics around the land of blog.

The photos in the next posts will be single photos, rather than mosaics.


~Something Old-Something New on the Back Porch~

Something Old artichokeanniesI

Wine and cheese lunch, on a summer day.


I’m making notes for our back porch, 2010.

Some of the photos, seen in this post, are views of the porch during past years.


 Summer 2008


 Spring 2007


Summer 2009


Fall 2009 

artichokeannies9The first photo published at Back Porch Musings, March 6, 2007. This was how our back porch looked during 2006.

The camera, I used, was a Kodak P850.  That was the camera I dropped at Mary Carol Garrity’s Nell Hill’s in Atchison Kansas, May 2008.  The accident led to our garage sale, that Fall. The proceeds from that sale were used to purchase my Canon Rebel Xti.

Something New 


We were in this town to do a little business, Thursday. 

As usual, we took a detour and made a day trip adventure out of what, otherwise, might have been a routine day.

Rather than take our regular route home, via hwy 54 to I-70, we drove hwy 63, toward Columbia.

artichokeanniesDPlease ignore windshield grime. It’s been one of those winters. 

On this day, the weather was perfect, the sky was blue and snow was all but gone.


When we arrived in Columbia, we entered Interstate 70 East.  It wasn’t long until we reached Exit 137 and Artichoke Annie’s Antique Mall.


This was our first visit to Artichoke Annie’s.  Next time, we are taking the truck.

J had a KC meeting, Thursday evening, so our time at the antique mall was limited.  We will plan for more time when we visit again. 

I managed to find a little something for our back porch.



I believe the shutters may have been red, in another time.  No repairs will be done.  The shutters will be used, as they are.

We’re trying them in the corner by the back porch fireplace.  Perhaps with the addition of a fern or a piece of garden art and pots of flowers.


We found these penciled words on the back of the shutters.

Can you see them on the window of a cottage?

Have a wonderful weekend!