A view from the "back porch" at our weekend place at Lake of the Ozarks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When I first thought of writing a blog, I wondered what I could possibly find to talk about! I enjoy sharing news of family, friends and our home. These will be subjects of most of my entries.

Home is not always about the dwelling. Yesterday's entry and today's, have subjects which mean home to me, also.

I've personally known several gifted storytellers. Three are included here.

My Grandad told good stories. He had a dry wit that made us laugh until we cried. I loved to sit beside his chair and listen to wonderful tales of his boyhood, growing up in our beautiful Ozarks.

When I was in my mid 30's, Mother remarried. My stepfather was wonderful. Charley grew up deep in the "hills and hollers" of the Ozarks. Listening to delightful stories of the old days, told while sitting on the front porch or at a campfire beside the Piney River, meant so much to me.

We have a friend who is a gifted storyteller. He's a southwest MO native. We could listen to him for hours.

Theirs are life stories, told with beautiful southern Missouri accented voices, that seem to make the story come to life.

Many times when the storyteller is gone, the story is lost. I'd like to think there are those still telling of the "old days". Family life stories passed from generation to generation. I try to remember to tell my children and grandchildren some of the old stories and some of my own.