Beans 'n Cornbread

Hey, ya'll! Reading all the "Southern Thangs", the last day or two, caused me to crave comfort food. Whether you live in the south, north, east or west, Beans 'n Cornbread are comfort foods!
Today, I prepared Pinto Beans, in a heavy Dutch Oven. Equally delicious beans are, Great Northern, Butter Beans, Black Eyed Peas or many other types of beans. I like a little bit of green onion with my beans.
In the south cornbread is prepared unsweetened. In other areas, it's baked with a little bit of sugar.
The photo shows the cornbread I baked today. It's made from scratch, usweetened and baked in an ancient and well seasoned iron skillet. This is the only pan I use for traditional cornbread. I would be heartbroken if anything happened to this old iron skillet. I also own a cast iron pan, that is made of 4 fish molds. It's fun to serve fish shaped cornbread now and then.
What are your favorite Comfort Foods?
Have a wonderful weekend, ya'll. We've planned a little trip to the "Big City".