Door County Memories

This print is from a painting titled The Village, by Door County artist, C.L. Peterson. The painting was reproduced in posters, as a fund raiser for a local high school. It hangs above a cabinet at our lake place.
When Country Living Magazine was still quite young, way back in the early 1980's, I began seeing articles about Door County Wisconsin. I was facinated by this beautiful peninsula. The cottages featured in the magazine were so pretty. The Villages looked beautiful and peaceful. I decided, that someday, I would visit this wonderful place.
The print is from a painting titled "Flight" by Door County artist, Jack Anderson. I love this print because it not only reminds me of our Door County trip, but also the bluffs along the rivers and lakes of Missouri. The print hangs beside my desk.

My dream to visit Door County Wisconsin became reality in September, 2004. The photo grid shows our room at The White Gull Inn, Fish Creek. The porch overlooks the courtyard.
We explored Door County over several days. From Sturgeon Bay to Washington Island, we traveled up one side of the peninsula and down the other. We visited several lighthouses. Our last day, we boarded a ferry for a trip to Washington Island.
One interesting evening we watched a Fish Boil, from our porch. What a spectular show it was. The next night we saw it while sitting in the courtyard and dined on the Whitefish dinner.
We browsed the Jack Anderson Gallery, where we purchased The Village and Flight prints. Another gallery, we visited, is the Kathy Glasnap Gallery. You might recognize her work by the tiny Cardinal, she paints into each piece. We enjoyed talking with her and seeing her work. At the Glasnap Gallery, J fell in love with a print depicting a stone house and deer in snow. It hangs in his "lodge", over the mantle. We also brought home prints of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and Cana Lighthouse, by Kathy Glasnap. We toured both of these lighthouses, among others. These prints hang in our breakfast room.
~ Beautiful Lake Michigan scenes~
We would love to return to Door County. I said to J, we should plan another trip there. He agreed. I know someone else who would be happy to see us return. Our friend, whom I've known since junior high school, in the late 1950's, Aunt Pittypat, who lives within daytrip distance from Door County.


Rosemary said...

I have to say, you really get around. You take the best trips.
Lucky you, and thanks for sharing them with us.

Sue said...

Yes you do!! I remember those early issues of Country Living, sure wish I still had them, the photos of such places were wonderful, so glad you got to go to Door Country!

Mrs. G said...

a trip to Door County has been on my Want To List for a long time :) I'm glad to hear it was as lovely as I imagine :)

KLKinFLA said...

That's so neat that you kept this magical spot in your mind all that time. Glad you were able to go there! Looks and sounds like a great trip...lovely blue and white in your room. I'll have to tuck this spot into my "mental files" too.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

You go to the most wonderful places!
I'm a serious homebody, and you make me want to travel. LOL

That Blue and white room is sooo pretty, what a lovely place to stay.

Kimberly :)

auntpittypat said...

Yes, I think a trip to Door County should be in your future, very soon!

The Decorated House said...

Look at the pictures! I feel like I haven't been by in a couple of months! What fun, fun, fun for me.
OK..first lots of prayers for a very good operation for Mr. J.
Love the picture of him and GD #1, she'll always be #1 :)

Love your new pictures, oh and that lily pad! Love it lots.
So fun to see you playing musical furniture and the door through the years shots!

Sheila said...

Your photos make me want to visit this lovely spot.
We haven't had a road trip in the U.S. for several's about time I think.
Thanks for sharing your pictures..

Suzanne said...

I love to come and see where you've visited. Thanks for the lovely photos, Door County sounds like a great place to visit.

the feathered nest said...

Door County sounds like a lovely place to visit! That's so neat that you did get to go. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.


smilnsigh said...

What a lovely sounding trip!

And thank you for your comment on my 'Chippy.' They are the cutes things, aren't they? So zip-zip-quick. I have to be quiet and inside, to photograph him, once in a while.

Hope you looked at my porch pictures in my 'Season's Snapshot' blog. Oh so many of them in this city, are sooooooo precious. Not the bigggg mansions, which will be beautiful too, soon.

But I especially love the family size homes, which are so loved and cared for with such joy. And I've even been in the adorable one with pink trim, at one time. It was then owned by people who invited us to a get-together. Oh my!!!! Oh joy. :-))))


smilnsigh said...

You _did_ see the lovely home ... blue with pink. Oh isn't it a jewel box?!? I just knew that you would love it!!!


Daisy Cottage said...

Pat, I love going traveling with you - even if it is just virtually! You describe everything so vividly and your pictures are always a delight. Door Country sounds wonderful.

Susie Q said...

I have Door County down as a must do someday soon. The White Gull was the place I hope to stay!
LOVE these pictures...I too found Door County via Country Living years ago. Still have some of those issues.
I am glad it is as lovely as I always thought it to be!
My thoughts are with your husband AND you today...let is know how it all goes!


Rhoda said...

Beautiful pics, Pat....and sounds like a great trip. You get all over the place! I love to travel too, so I know how fun it is to visit new places & see things you've never seen.


Rose Mary said...

What beautiful pictures. No wonder you want to go back to Door County! I love the print, too. You are right that MO is a beautiful state. I love Table Rock lake, I think it is one of the prettiest that I've seen. Here in AR, I love the White River area.

Southern Heart said...

How lovely! I've not been there, but it is apparent we need to have that on our trip list! That blue-n-white room is wonderful!

Pat, I can't decide if you should write decorating features, or travel features...maybe both!

Love, Andrea said...

My family (husband, 4 kids, parents and their 3 adopted kids & myself) all goes up to Door County every July. It's our vacation of the year. We're fortunate that we live within driving distance (maybe 400 miles). Sometimes we even get up there again for Labor Day weekend. I'll post some pictures for you tomorrow. (sorry, can't do it tonight - we have nighttime VBS this week - just got back - kids climbing the walls). I'll get those pics up for you in the a.m. Have a wonderful evening & I'm so glad that you love Door County too!! Blessings, Polly

Debbie Egizio said...

Door County is wonderful. My husband and I went there last year during the off season. I would love to go back when it is full of action. Thanks for the post it's so nice to think about trips to special places.

Gypsy Purple said... lovely...great place

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I would LOVE if my home looked like the Inn you stayed at! It is beautiful! said...

I posted some photos from our trips to Door County. Sorry I couldn't get them up yesterday.

PAT said...

Thanks all! I think we might just look into another Door County visit!


Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Door County is on my must visit list.
I'm glad your sweetie is fairing well from his surgery.