Fried Green Tomatoes, a Lily Pad & Changes

Last Saturday, J and I shopped at the Farmers Market, on the corner of highways 5 and 54, Camdenton, Missouri. Several vendors offered beautiful fresh vegetables, jams, jellies and crafts. I was hoping for Strawberries, but it's still a bit early. Perhaps, this Saturday, we'll find them at the market.

I bought fresh garlic and roasted it with a drizzle of "evoo" and made a delicious salad of lettuce, found at the market, and green onion, with Balsamic Vinegar as dressing. J bought a jar of Strawberry Jam, from Ozark Jam Kitchen. Among the vegetables we found were the green Tomatoes, pictured above. The photo, at right in the collage, shows how I prepared them.

The Leaf Lady was selling concrete leaf castings. We brought this one home for the side garden. We saw one with a frog. I might have to have one of those, too. It would look great next to the creek.
I made a few changes in the dining room, during the past 2 weeks. I took up the wool rug and replaced it with a sea grass rug, for summer. I may leave it there year round. The print that was over the console table in the dining room was moved to above the wine buffet. A mirror was brought down from a guest room, to hang over the console. The room seems to be lighter and more airy since I made the changes. The photos in the grid are from several seasons of the year.
I moved the swan bench from the foyer to the living room and replaced it with the small upholstered bench, that sat in front of the living room windows. The black rectangular wool rug, in the foyer, was brought from the bedroom to replace the round rug, now stored away. With the exception of the purchase of the sea grass rug, all changes were achieved by reusing things from other rooms.
I put the door photo grid together this morning. These are a few of the looks our front porch and door have had over the past three years. The door remained painted white, until last summer, when I finally made a decision on paint color. I usually make decorating decisions quickly. However, that door was a dilemma! I love Charleston green, which is an almost black green. I found Midnight Green in American Traditions (Lowes), that was just the color I was looking for.

I'll try to post again, Sunday evening, when we return from the lake. We have a busy week, next week. J is scheduled for Rotator Cuff Surgery Monday, the 18th. They say he will return home, next day. I have a room booked near the hospital. Last year, 2006, was the first year in 20, J was not hospitalized, so I've made the 50 mile drive many times. I decided, in Dec 2005, when J had his Appendix removed, I would book a room next time!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Grace said...

Boy do those tomatoes look tasty. I love farmer's market season! So many tasty things to find.

I love the changes - the room look so much brighter and welcoming!

Gypsy Purple said...

Great post!!!

Lacy said...

Hi your post...YUM...have a good weekend & good luck to J & YOU!!!..I'll be thinking of you...Lacy

Rosemary said...

Those tomatoes look sooo good.
Love the leaf. Your house looks amazing.
You have a good weekend too. And good luck to your husband.

Deb said...

I've never tasted fried green tomatoes (they look so delicious).
The leaf casting is amazing - you can truly see all the veins ...what a beautiful addition to your garden. And your home pictures are just beautiful!! Also ...
Sending best wishes out to your husband.

Lallee said...

May I please have a fried green tomato? Yours look delicious!

The cement leaf is such a unique find. I love it.

I enjoyed seeing all your redos. I've been playing with my living room for the past two weeks, wanting to make it look cooler for summer. So far I just haven't gotten it quite like I want.

Sue said...

I just love the magic you do with photos, all are great! I love your home and those food photos look good enough to eat! Have a great weekend!!

Q said...

Will keep you and your Husband in my blessings.
Redoing a room and moving things around is fun!
I enjoy your photos.

Susie Q said...

I love your changes! You just do so many wonderful things!

I always love your posts so much...

That leaf is so pretty..what a sweet addition to your garden!

And oooh. Fried green tomatoes! Your Summer menu sounded heavenly to me!

Good luck to J! A friend just had that surgery and it goes really well! I am sure he will do just great!

Have a good always do such super things!


Rhoda said...

Pat, those fried green tomatoes look positive wonderful! I've never fried them at home, but I do enjoy them out. Your's look so scrumptious.

Enjoyed seeing all the changes side by side in your home, as well as the door seasons too. You do such a lovely job with it all.

Best to J & his surgery. I'm sure you are a very caring nurse!

Oh, I just got a magazine with instructions on how to make those leaf molds. I thought that was so neat! I may have to try one...yours is SO pretty.


Andi said...

Please share with me how you prepare your fried green tomatoes. Your picture looks "good enought to eat". They actually made my mouth water. I've fixed them before but yours look particularly yummy.

You have such a lovely home. Enjoyed seeing your pictures.

I know J will be fine with his surgery. Hugs to you.

KLKinFLA said...

You've been busy! Your home looks so lovely...I like the seagrass rug.

Best of luck to J on Monday. Thinking of you both.

"Early Bird" said...

Thanks for coming by my place...I'm bookmarking you!

restyled home said...

I love great curb appeal and your home certainly has it with those wonderful doors!


Karen said...

Pat your home is lovely and it's so fun to see changes in a room and even better when you use what you already have.

I will keep J in my thoughts. I'm sure you will be a wonderful nurse. Sounds like you have practice, lol.

Hugs - Karen

Ellen said...

Dear Pat,Smart nurse,I like how you had J starting REhab before his surgery =moving all the stuff around the house ;)
J and you continue to be uplifted in my prayers...attitude for the rehab is the most important. My mother had shoulder replacement surgery three days ago. And getting the room is a wise decision.
Loved the green door! Have you been to Charleston? Your gardens certainly reflect their southern charm. ooo and Fried green tomatoes anothter southern classic food and book. Is there anybody better than Fanny Flagg? Have you read her latest one? Can't Wait to get to Heaven?

PAT said...

Thanks all for stopping by the Back Porch!

Andi, my fried green tomatoes are dipped in egg then flour then egg and flour again. I had no bacon grease so I fried them in olive oil!! o'no;-), they're much better in good ol' bacon grease! Cornmeal is the correct "breading", or atleast needs to be added to flour. I didn't have cornmeal, so used just flour. I guess you could say, they are not done in true southern tradition, but pretty good, anyway.

Ellen, we have been to Charleston and stayed in the Historic District. Beautiful! One of our neighbor's is a southern lady and loves visiting our gardens. I'm a southern girl, at heart! Have not read the new Fannie Flagg book.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Jim. I see Blog Fodder in this "adventure", too!


Paula said...

Fried green tomatoes...yummy!! Your house is lovely. Isn't it fun to rearrange from room to room? Almost makes one feel like it's a whole new house!

Southern Heart said...

Pat, the changes you've made are gorgeous! Your home is *always* beautiful! I love that Charleston green color; my parents' shutters are very similar, and it's attractive and classic.

Those fried green tomatoes look delicious! I've had them before, but never made them. I need to try that, too.

I love the concrete cast of the leaf. That is unique, and a lovely addition to your garden. You always find the neatest things!

I'm so sorry that J is having to have his surgery...I hope that it goes easily for him, and that you all have a fun time at the lake this weekend!


Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I absolutely adore fried green tomatoes. I had some after my 1st visit to the farmer's market and hope to get more tomorrow. I love the leaf. It's unusual and beautiful.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

I am so glad to see you fried some green tomatoes. We have a batter mix that makes them so easy. I've even used it to bake them in the oven...but it is not as good as the yummy fried ones. Yours look perfect!

The good news about orthopedic surgery these days is that they start that rehab right away... you won't have to coddle his as much.

one blue egg said...

Ok i love fried tomatos:) and I loooove your door dressed for all seasons! and your change around rooms it is so much fun to redesign! also how fun to have a wedding to look forward to! xo

Andrea said...

Those tomatoes are making my mouth water.

the feathered nest said...

First, I hope your husband's surgery goes well and he has a speedy recovery.

I love the new rug in your LR - it really lightens it up for these hot summer months. Loved all your changes.

That leaf casting is very cool. I saw someone do it on TV - she did it with a huge bananna leaf. Yours is beautiful!


wisteriagirl said...

I can't wait till the tomatoes in our garden get to where I can fry a few. Yours look delicious!! I love how you changed your rooms around. Where did you find the grass rug? I'm looking for one with the black around the edges of it/

Gypsy Purple said...

What a lovely post!!!

Rowan said...

I wish we had a proper weekly Farmer's Market near us, they only do a monthly one and it isn't that great. When I visit my friend in NH we go to the Farmers Market there and it is full of marvellous things. Hope you have a good weekend and that your husband's surgery goes well.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You sure have a beautiful home Pat! I love a home that is kept fresh and changing...sure wish I had one LOL.
That leaf casting is wonderful!
Prayers for the surgery! Tell that hubby to take a few more years off from those hospital stays :)He must have a favorite nurse!

smilnsigh said...

Best of luck with the Rotator Cuff Surgery. My husband had his some years ago, and was very pleased. I hope your husband is also.


Suzanne said...

Yum Pat, Thanks for the recipe. My grandmother used to make those. I'll be praying for a J's surgery tomorrow.

twin6045 said...

L-O-V-E your blog. Spend way too much time on here lol. What do you use to hang up your wreaths and stuff on your door? You can email me at Thanks