~A Look Back~

~ Christmas Past~
A view of the village in my studio, Christmas 2006.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a visit at a new shop in our town. I couldn't resist the pillow. I'll be writing more about this delightful shop in upcoming posts!

Thanksgiving weekend has been the traditional beginning of Christmas decorating, at our house.

Last year, we began decorating at the end of September, to prepare for a holiday tour, sponsored by our local Garden Club. Proceeds go to a scholarship fund. This involved lots of work. We enjoyed being a part of the tour. We've received our complimentary tickets for the 2007 Garden Club Holiday Home Tour. I can't wait to see the beautiful, Christmas decorated, homes.

This photo:
The console table in our dining room, Christmas 2006.

This photo shows the 10ft tree, we used in our living room, several years. We sold the tree at our recent garage sale. I will use the ornaments on an 8ft, prelit tree, we have in our basement storage.

The tree, at right, is in an upstairs guest room. When we dismantled the decorations, in January, I forgot about this tree! When I cleaned this room, I would notice the tree and make a mental note to take it apart. I soon forgot!
This room has become Mother of the Bride HQ. Each time I brought something up to the room, I would notice the tree and make that mental note again! Finally in mid July, when we were preparing to show our home to a young couple, interested in hiring our builder, I noticed the tree again. I asked J, what should we do about that tree. He said, "It's so near Christmas again, lets just leave it." And that we did.
Our friends, JoAnn and Jim, will be in town for the wedding, this weekend. They will be our overnight guests, Sunday. This is their room. We hope they enjoy this little bit of early, or is it late, Christmas.
I thought you might like a peek at our Christmas storage. This is just a partial view.
The above link will take you to my 2006 Christmas Album at Photobucket.


smilnsigh said...

You do 'do Christmas' in a big way! :-)

And I love it that the guest room has a tree up!

Oh that 10' tree must have been magnificent.

Lovely photos all1


JoAnn said...

I am looking forward to the upcoming wedding festivities and spending time in this lovely guest room!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh Pat I love your trees! I would leave it up all the time. Make it part of the guest room on a permanent basis. Can't wait to see the rest of your home all dolled up.


yellowfarmhouse said...

Pat your decorating is stunning, but I knew that it would be. I hope that you will share more pics from either last year or when you get your decorating done for this year. You really inspire me and I really enjoyed your storage area :)

Hugs - karen

hoganfe said...

You are such a talented decorator!! Gorgeous pics!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Yes, I've begun digging out those Christmas decor items myself. I seem to start earlier and earlier each year. . . not sure if it's because the stores start earlier. . . or it's just so darn much work - that I like to have a little extra time to enjoy it all!!

Stop by my blog and check out our new finished basement. It's certainly been a "labor of love." And I do mean LABOR - - lots of it, we did it ourselves!!



Sherry said...

That's a lot of Christmas...and I love it!!

The pillow you bought is adorable!!

Nunnie's Attic said...

I love the pictures!!!!!


Wanda said...

Oh, how pretty....and calm. It soothed me to see it. Thanks, I needed that today.

How funny about the tree in the guest room!

Brenda said...

I know it will all be pretty this year,but that wedding has to be tops!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Pat, I always forget some piece of Christmas decor too when putting things away after Christmas. And it usually stays there for a couple of months before it gets hauled out to the Christmas shed. Your decor from last year is just stunning.

Debbie Egizio said...

Wow Pat, looks like fun! Can't wait to see what you put together for this year. Take care!

Pamela said...

your decor is like one of the holiday christmas specials on TV

Esther Sunday said...

As always, Pat, your stuff is fab. Thinking of you with all the wedding festivities coming up! Can't wait for the report. Love, Esther

Andi said...

What an exciting time at your home with the wedding just around the corner!!!

I love to see pictures of homes decorated for Christmas and your's is so lovely.

Amber said...

Your home was so lovely for the home tour last year, Pat. Your guest room tree is beautiful. I can't wait to get a report and photos of the wedding!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

How fun, Pat! My mom and I decorated her house two years ago for a holiday tour and it was so much fun! Holiday tours are my favorite!

That is a funny story about the tree! We have a clock in our house that is up rather high and we never did change that clock ahead last Spring. Every time we looked at it we had to imagine it being an hour later. We kept making a mental note to get a ladder and fix it, but that never happened. Well, this fall when it was time to change the clocks, we were a step ahead! I like that plan!


Rosemary said...

Love your decorations. You should enter Jennifer Grey's Christmas Cottage contest.
Check out my blog for details.

Susie Q said...

Now THIS is Christmas!! Wow! Your home looked amazing! I loved going back and seeing all the pictures! You are one of the most creative people I know dear Pat and what great style you have. Your taste is exquisite.

I look forward to seeing all the wedding pictures and more holiday ones as well!


Nathalie Thompson said...

Your photos are beautiful. Of course the subject matter is great (gorgeous decor!) I copied down your pumpkin spice cake recipe. Sounds YUMMY!

Robyn said...

Oh how I do love Christmas...and I love your cozyness that you bought into your home not that kitzy look. But a lovely homey inviting and spectacular to walk into! I love all your trees! Oh I do wish you would come and do my home! Pleeeeaaasssseee! LOL!

Rowan said...

How nice to see all these lovely Christmas pictures, I hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding, I'm sure you will after all the time and thought you've put into it.

Our Red House said...

I love your story about your 'year round' Christmas tree. Your trees are so beautifully decorated.


Terri and Bob said...

That was fun!

Is your daughter getting married this Saturday?? It's my birthday this Saturday!!

I am looking forward to seeing more holiday pictures from your home.

We did the home tour for our city a few years ago. Great fun but whew, a lot of work!

Lacy said...

just beautiful!!...I've got my Xmas decorating underway for my upcoming Holiday Tour the weekend after Thanksgiving...thanks for the additional inspiration!!!...have fun this weekend!!!...lacy

bj said...

Oh, boy....what lovely things you have. Such a large tree! I love the story of the Bedroom Tree....
Thanks much for the sharing of all these pretty pictures.

Kelly said...

Wow! I just looked at your Christmas photos from your Garden club tour and I am speechless! Your home looks like a model home and every attention to detail has been given. Your decorations and home itself is very classy. I like how you did different themes in different parts of your house. I particularly loved your kitchen and family room (keeping room?) area in the country decor and your back porch! I also loved your basement (terrace level) area. The lodge look is so fun. You are lucky to have such a large home to decorate using all of these fun themes. I'm sure this tour was a LOT of work for you but now you have a wonderful keepsake of this! I think my favorite decorated tree though was the one in your guest room (you're using as the brides headquarters). Kudos on a great job!


auntpittypat said...

My dear friend, Pat........I am so excited for you all this weekend. I will be eagerly awaiting pictures and reports of every little detail. I know it will just be beautiful.
Jim and JoAnn will love the tree in their room. That I know for a fact.
Relax and all happens so fast! Love ya!

Rosemary said...

Hi again Pat,
You should email Jennifer. I think she would love your pictures from last Christmas.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Pat, I bet your guests will be so delighted with their room, and their Christmas tree!

Thinking of you and your family as you prepare for the special day!
xo and hugs,Lidy

Mary Isabella said...

Love the pillow you bought. Christmas at your house is beautiful. Mary

Nan said...

Good morning! I’m so glad to find your blog. My name is Nan and I’m new to blogging, having just started this week. I hope you’ll drop by for a visit when you get a minute.
I love your villages.
Have a fabulous day!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

You really went all out last year, Pat! I remember that tour & how much work went into it. I wonder if things will be more simple this year? LOL I'm thinking I'm gonna go a little more simple & not try to do quite as much. I may leave my Christmas village in the boxes this year...oh, it's a lot of work. I enjoy it, but dread it all at the same time.

Your home sure looked like a wonderland do such a great job!


Deb said...

Wonderful holiday photos. Thank you for the 'photo bucket' link - I look forward to having a look through your photo album :-}

Vee said...

Oh I love a holiday home tour. This one was just great!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Can't wait to see the wedding photos!
Your Christmas pictures blew me away! Your house & decorating is absolutely stunning. The photo album was like a perfect Christmas.
Hugs, DebraK

justabeachkat said...

What a fun post...I loved seeing it all.