~O Tannenbaum~

Christmas front porch, 2007

We began decorating for Christmas 2007, on Thanksgiving Day. We've completed the living room, dining room, hearth room, breakfast room, kitchen and front porch. We're still working on the back porch.

These are the only rooms we're decorating, this year.

I made the quilt Saint Nick, about 17 years ago. His coat is from an old tattered quilt. I also made the head piece. His body is muslin, boots felt and his head is a nylon stocking. I embroidered his eyes and added Clinque blush to his cheeks. He hasn't changed much, in all these years.

I'm adding a link to the Christmas 2007 Photobucket album. There is a photo of a "flattie" Santa, sitting on the back porch hearth, that is another piece I made. I believe the date is 1987.

We have collected many Christmas decorations over many years.

Last year, I used Lenox Wintergreetings Everyday on the breakfast room table. The Lenox is in the hearth room cabinet, this year. There are two photos in the album. This year, I'm using Mikasa French Countryside and red ornament dishes, on this table. The napkin rings and other accessories are from the 1980's. This is how the table will be set, when we celebrate Christmas with our family.

I've used a red and white theme in this room, for 2007.

A tree in an urn, in the dining room. I used some of the ornaments from the 10ft tree, we sold at our garage sale. That tree stood in our living room.
I hope to post on Tuesday, with good news of the birth of our precious grandson. Until then, I hope you are enjoying decorating for Christmas, as much as we are!