~December Road Trip~

We began our Merry Christmas Road Trip, early Christmas morning. Our first overnight stop was Paducah Kentucky. When looking for lodging, I was happy to learn of Paducah's Flood Wall murals. Paducah is situated on the Ohio River. We enjoyed a walk along the riverfront, viewing beautiful murals, by Robert Dafford.

We met a man, along the way, who could be best described as a character. J and I find, as we grow older, we are drawn to "old characters". Perhaps it's because we are a couple of old characters ourselves! We enjoyed our visit with this man, who told us of his boyhood memories, growing up in this area of Kentucky and his adventures along the Ohio River. He certainly added something special to our Paducah stopover.

Below are a few photos, from our Christmas Day walk.

Murals on the Ohio River.
The Paducah Market is now a museum.
This mural depicts an Emancipation celebration.
Churches around town.
This mural shows pages from an old album.
A Summer day on the Ohio River.

The photo at right shows the door to a museum, closed for the Holiday. We hope to return to Paducah, during Spring. We want to explore the museums and shops, we found on Christmas Day, including the Quilt Museum.

Shops along a brick walkway.
This marquee is over the entrance to an alley, that leads to a theatre.

The arched window over Paducah Market.
I've divided our road trip into three separate posts. We took lots of photos and have lots of wonderful memories. Each stop is special, so I want to give each it's own place, here at the Back Porch. Look for the Inn at Christmas Place, on Wednesday and the magnificent Biltmore Estate, Friday.