~Three Animals~

Awhile back, while we were out gallivanting around, my youngest daughter called to tell us about a great sale. She was at home, taking time off to care for her children, Gabi and Drew, who were not feeling well. M finds the best bargains at a site known as While there, she discovered that Target had discounted Butterscotch ridiculously low! When she called, we just happened to be across the street from Target. Being doting g'parents, of course we went right over there and bought Butterscotch for the young'uns. The deal was too good to pass up!

J assembled Butterscotch, last week. The pony was standing in the garage until this morning. Every time I opened the door from the kitchen, I would wonder how that big ol' dog got in the garage. It was a tad disconcerting! It isn't any wonder it took awhile for Molly to warm up to Butterscotch. I don't even want to think what her reaction would have been, had the pony been put in motion!

"Hey Mom! Who is this and what is he doing in my house?"

"Let me get a little closer look."
"I'm not sure about this guy. I think I'll try one of my intimidation tactics."

"I suppose it's okay for you to be here. Gimme some sugar, Butterscotch!"
The photo at right shows the third "animal" mentioned in this post. We've been shopping around for a new vacuum sweeper. Two of our daughters own a Dyson Animal. They convinced us this is the sweeper to buy.
I used the new sweeper, this morning and am amazed at what it pulled out of the rug in the foyer! I thought it was clean, before!! One of our sons in law swears his allergies have improved since owning the Dyson Animal.
Do you have a Dyson Animal? If so, what has been your experience with it?

A few days ago, a wonderful package arrived from Suzanne at Pear Tree Primitives. Aren't these note cards beautiful? Thanks Suzanne!