~Blanket Project Update~

You may remember I recently wrote about my daughter's project to make blankets for St Louis Children's Hospital, St Louis Missouri.
K and our granddaughter Xanti, have made many blankets since 2006 and donated them to St Louis Children's Hospital, in memory of our precious grandson Elijah, Xanti's first baby brother. The baby wrapped in angel's wings in the painting, is Elijah. The painting, by artist Juanita Knowles, was commissioned by Xanti, as a gift to her parents.
Last month, K devised a plan to donate many more blankets, to Children's. I talked to her today. She told me they've received over 100 blankets in the last month, from family and friends. More are expected before Good Friday, when K and Xanti plan to deliver them to the hospital. The photo above, shows one of the blankets I made.
Elijah was born in November 2006. Through late Summer and into the Fall and during Elijah's birth, the staff of St Louis Children's Hospital was amazingly kind and helpful. Elijah was born with a rare birth defect, Posterior Urethral Valves, found in 1 of 8000 births and only in boys, he lived about 2 hours. Apparently, the cause is not known. Elijah's parents decided to give Elijah to Washington University, in St Louis, in hopes they may find a reason and to help other babies born with PUV's.