~Autumn in the Ozarks~

This afternoon, we drove through Osage National Golf Resort, Lake of the Ozarks. Some of our children and perhaps J, will play here, later this Fall.
The mums at the entrance are breathtaking!

This stream is along the drive, toward the club, just inside the entrance.
I thought you would enjoy seeing this home, under construction at Osage National.

We're spending a week at the lake. Our October schedule is pretty busy, so we thought we'd take a little trip this week, before things start happening!
I've been visiting a few blogs today and hope to catch up with everyone tomorrow and Monday.
We're going to go exploring, for antique shops and other places, early in the week. I'm sure I'll find something or other to photograph!
We brought along paint samples to try. I'll write more about that project, soon.
Enjoy your weekend!


~An Early Autumn Drive~

This fine fellow kept his eyes on me, the entire time I was taking his photo. I have several shots. His eyes moved with me in every single one! Yes, it is a tad creepy. I wonder if he arrived on this planet aboard one of the vehicles seen at the end of this post! That would be quite a story to tell, on chilly Fall nights, around the fire. Autumn is the time of year when tall tales can be heard in every little corner of the countryside.

We'll save the ghostly stories until it grows a little cooler and the frost is on the pumpkin. For now, come along on a drive through beautiful rural Missouri, on this early Autumn day.

Sit back, relax, enjoy!

This is a private covered bridge, crossing a small creek. There is a way to ford the creek, for large trucks.
A northern Lincoln County lane.
Black Walnut Tree branch. I love Black Walnuts in Fudge and Pumpkin Bread.
Walnuts, beneath the tree.

A small Maple showing glorious Autumn color.

Friendly toadstools? Or could they be Flying Saucers?



~New Dining Room Table~

Our new dining room table and chairs arrived, Saturday morning. This completes the dining room makeover.

The photo, at left, shows the dining room before. Laura Ashley Gold 3 paint, from Lowe's.

We're talking about selling the glass topped table and chairs, later this month, at our daughter and son in law's subdivision sale. We're definitely putting the old chandelier in the sale.

There are five leaves that fit around the outer edge of the table, extending it to 74 inches. The table remains round. When the leaves are not in place, the table is the same size as our former table.
I plan to use the Queen Anne style chairs, I refinished, with black paint (one shown here), between the new chairs, when we have more than four guests.
Slipcovers were included, with the chairs. The table and chairs are finished in a very dark brown, that appears black, depending on light.
I recently won this beautiful painting, in a giveaway at Studio Stuff. I plan to use it at the condo. Thank you, Linda!

As I wrote in the post, just before this one, I was the recipient of two awards, recently. The first one is Autumn Friends, from Jan of Jan and Tom. I think by now, just about everyone is in a Fall Decorating mood. I'm passing this award to everyone who stops by the Back Porch. Please accept it with my appreciation for your visits and pass it along!

I also received the Hooked on Your Blog Award, designed by Julia at Hooked on Houses. Thank you Linda at Lime in the Coconut.
It's so very difficult to pass an award along to just a few. I am hooked on all the blogs on my list and then some! I've chosen 5 to receive the award, at this time and will pass it along to others, in future posts.
In no particular order:
Mary, at Across the Pond
Cathie, at Catherine Holman Folk Art
Kat, at Kat's Whimsy
Karen, at Yellow Farmhouse
Rechelle, at The Country Doctor's Wife
Please accept this award with my appreciation and pass it along to 5 or more.
Melissa, at the Inspired Room, asked for a list of 20 little things to treasure about Autumn.
1. Crisp Cool Days
2. Changing Leaves
3. Golden Light
4. A Fire in the Back Porch Fireplace
5. High School Football
6. Chrysanthemums
7. Caramel Apples
8. Apple Cider (warm or cold)
9. Curling Up in a Chair With a Good Book
10. Pumpkins
11. Apples
12. Soup and Chili Suppers
13. Walking Through Leaves
14. A Drive Along the Wine Road
15. The Ozarks in All It's Glory
16. Morning Mist
17. Getting Together With Old
18. Fall Decorating
19. Thanksgiving
20. Candlelight in the Afternoon

Thank you everyone for keeping J in your thoughts and prayers. Right now October 6, seems like a long way down the road.
Have a wonderful week!
Several readers have asked about the dining room furniture manufacturer. The table is Lexington~Long Cove Collection. The style name is Fall River. The chairs are Lexington~Long Cove Collection in the Summerville style.
The paint color is Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua (walls) and Sherwin Williams Topsail (ceiling).
We've decided to leave the floor bare.
Lisa at Cakes and Cupboards is having her first ever Giveaway. For details, visit Lisa here.


~Back Porch Autumn~

Fall Nesting, on the back porch, includes three pumpkins and an iron cat, wearing a lime bow, sitting on a brick window ledge.
I've been practicing my editing skills, with Photofiltre, Picasa 3 and Photoscape. Just for fun, with this post, I decided to use a few of the edited versions of my photographs. The above photo is a view of our back porch, where we had breakfast with granddaughter Gabi, this morning.
I added fall color to the basket, hanging from the vintage gate on the porch fireplace.
This one is for Aunt Pittypat, who suggested the porch of this birdhouse needed a pumpkin.
This morning, I added a Fall wreath to the front door.
Close up of the wreath.

The Knock Out Roses, growing along the back porch steps.
Linda at Lime in the Coconut, honored me with this wonderful award. Thank you so much, Linda. I will pass it along, in a later post.

This cute little Autumn Friends Award, came from Jan of Jan and Tom. Thank you! This colorful award will also be passed along, in a later post.
An Update on J's Arm:
J saw a Neurologist, yesterday (Wednesday). He examined J's atrophied left arm and determined it is a disease of the muscle. He ordered several blood tests. We'll know more, after October 6th, when J has his next appointment. This diagnosis was a complete surprise. We still believe this must be from an injury. I'll update again, next month.