~Back Porch Potpourri~



pot·pour·ri (plural pot·pour·ris)



1. collection of fragrant dried flowers: a collection of dried flower petals, leaves, herbs, and spices that is used to scent the air

2. miscellaneous mixture: a mixture of miscellaneous things.

The definition of potpourri seems to fit this post, quite well; a mixture of this and that.

New Book


When we returned home, from the lake, last week, I found a package in the mail; my copy of Tara Frey’s book, Blogging for Bliss. 

The book is chock full of gorgeous images and wonderful ideas, for successful blogging.  Whether you are a novice or seasoned blogger, I believe you will enjoy having a look at Blogging for Bliss.

Dear Daisy Cottage is one of several featured blogs, in the book.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Back Porch Musings mentioned within the Daisy Cottage segment.  Thank you, Kim!  I am honored!

 Trivia Night


Saturday, August 15, J and I met family and friends, in Saint Louis County, for the Humane Society of Missouri Trivia Night, to benefit fostering.

Eldest daughter “T” reserved two tables for 8, last Spring. We believe there were between 800 and 1,000 attendee’s, Saturday.

We are a family of trivia enthusiasts, with tons of useful, as well as useless information, stored away in our heads. 

We had a great time.  There was even a little rivalry, between our two tables. Our average, for the night, was average.  We knew such facts as, the type of animal “Baby” was, in the movie Bringing Up Baby (Snow Leopard), with Cary Grant and Kathryn Hepburn. Other tidbits of our knowledge were, the only president to kill a man in a duel (Andrew Jackson), Tom Jones hits (Delilah, etc) and what in the world was Rick Rockwell’s claim to fame (Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire).  The fella’s were amazed when K (aka Xanti & Noah’s Mommy) knew the Bobby Orr (hockey great) answer.  And, as everyone surely knows, Brad Pitt went to Mizzou.

We brought along a variety of foods, because, as you know, we must nourish our brains if we are to know the answers, when called upon.

Our town has one of the few remaining Ponderosa restaurants, in our area; a large order of Ponderosa wings was our contribution, by request of family.


Naturally, no Trivia Night would be complete without M&M’s.  At least that’s one of our necessities!  Other goodies included chicken salad on dollar rolls, chips and salsa and of course, Rice Krispie Treats.


There were raffles and door prizes.  “T” won a basket of gift certificates from St Louis area restaurants. There were over 50 gift baskets. T’s friend, seated at our other table, won a basket, also.

J and I won a Bark in the Park cap and certificate for Roly Poly, a soup and sandwich shop.


At the end of the evening, we left for home with a firm plan to attend Humane Society of Missouri Trivia Night 2010.

Have you participated in a trivia night?

Blackberry Pie & Ice Cream


Just because…


A reader recently asked about free photo editing programs.  The programs, I use, are Picasa3, Photoscape, Photofiltre.  These programs are free and very user friendly.

Another reader asked if I purchased or grew the sunflowers, shown in recent posts.  I purchased a bundle of 6 sunflowers at our local Kroger store, for $5.99.  Grocery stores are a great source for fresh flowers.