Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House...

I never met a Cary Grant movie, I didn't like! "Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House" is an all time favorite, I can watch time and again!

Sixty years after the film was released, Jim and Muriel Blandings' home would easily fit into the landscape of today. It's a classic/timeless home. The interior decor can be found in many of todays homes.
While watching movies, old or new, I tend to pay special attention to set decoration. Whether those old black and white movies of the 1930's and 1940's or films of today, they are great inspiration for decorating our homes.
The cabinet in the photograph, belonged to my mother. It's from the 1930's era, I believe. This cabinet sits in our dining room and seems to fit seamlessly with other, more up to date furnishings in that room.