Historic South Main Street, St Charles Mo, has long been one of our favorite places.

Yesterday, was a beautiful sunny day. Although cool, it was still a perfect day for a walk along South Main.

The Flower Petaler, one of my favorites, was our first stop. I browsed while my husband talked with the proprietor. I picked up a basket to fill with silk Forsythia (ours isn't blooming yet). The basket brings a bit of Spring to our front door.

We walked awhile, looking in shop windows, enjoying the morning. Around noon, we had lunch at Lewis & Clark's Restaurant. Our table was in the second story glassed in room. Our favorite table is on the third floor, open air balcony, overlooking South Main. It was a bit chilly for dining outdoors yesterday, though.

After lunch we walked around Frontier Park, on the banks of the Missouri River.

Later, we took a drive to North 2nd Street and Frenchtown. My brother in law, briefly, rented an apartment there, in 1965. It was one large room, above a tavern. There was a balcony at the front and "primitive" plumbing on the back porch. I always think about those few days, he lived there, when we drive through Frenchtown. Now, I can see it might have been fun to decorate that apartment in a wonderful New Orleans style. In 1965, I only saw it as a challenge!!

What a wonderful Sunday!
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