Summertime sounds of a screen door slapping shut, the squeak of the porch swing, a Blue Jay calling from a front yard Oak tree, whirring Cicadas, and Letha, from across the street, calling out, "Conrad, Conrad Lee!"
A beautiful red climbing rose grows on a trellis, just behind the swing. A honeysuckle vine twines over the railing, near the mailbox. Wooden steps lead to the driveway. A child sits there, cutting her hair, hiding the clippings beneath the steps, thinking her new hairdo will not be noticed. Is that my sister or a cousin? I'm not telling, that is for certain!
Sweet memories of my grandparents' front porch.

Over the weekend I prepared our back porch for summertime. I believe I've finished, for now. I may add another pot of red geraniums and move a fern to the patio, but the arrangement is complete.

Welcome to our back porch!

This is the fourth year we've enjoyed our back porch. Each season it has been decorated in a different way. The first 2 summers I used wicker chairs and a small bistro set. The chairs are now on the patio and the bistro set is in the side yard

Last year I brought the wicker settee from the studio. I piled it high with cushions and pillows and placed a rustic bench in front.

This year we brought the glider up from the patio. I changed out the bistro set for the round table, we found at the lake over Christmas. I'm considering covering the chair seats with cream and red check. For now they are covered in differing fabric. I found the chairs in the wonderful back room of an antique shop. The "chandelier", hanging in the corner by the fireplace, was once a light fixture in our home at the farm. I painted it black and added chimneys. The seagrass rug has been on the porch since Christmas. It's certainly a durable option for a porch rug.

Sunny Sunday Lunch