Table Settings & Napkin Rings

When we moved here, I gave some of my dinnerware to my daughters, thinking I would not need so many dishes. It wasn't long until I began replenishing my cabinets and cupboards.

I enjoy setting the back porch table. It's so much fun coming up with different ideas. Last weekend, I found beehive plates at Marshalls. Of course I had to buy 4 of them to use with some of my other plates.

Today, I've been playing around with ideas for the back porch table. The photos show the new beehive plates used with a small ceramic beehive jar, also purchased at Marshalls.
Some of the other pieces are a gold bee plate, I found on a trip to MN a few years ago. Also, a small beehive placecard holder from Nell Hill's, Mary Carol Garrity's store in Atchison, KS. I want to use a small card with inspirational words in these, rather than a place card.

The bee napkin ring is part of a set of four I found at a Mikasa Outlet. Other than the bee, this set includes, a dragonfly, butterfly and ladybug. Perfect to use on the porch.

The grid shows several placesettings. All are mine, with the exception of the black and white plate, in the second photo, top row and the gold dream setting in the third photo. These are by Mary Carol Garrity. I toured her home during a Christmas Open House in 2005. She graciously allows photos of her home, which is as beautiful as you may imagine!
I think I like doing different tablesettings as well as I like coming up with vignettes! I'd love to see any ideas you have for tablesettings.