~A Reflection on the Back Porch and a Birthday Winner~

The wicker plant stand from The Seedbox Antiques, sits before the center window of a triple window in our breakfast room. I filled it with a collection of pieces, found on the back porch and other areas of our home. The vignette will change in a couple of months, when Autumn arrives. The view from the window is toward a neighboring farm.

Another photo, taken from across the room. The breakfast room furniture consists of the pine cabinet, seen in the corner, a 9ft long pine farmhouse style table, surrounded by chairs in colors of red, green, yellow and rusty orange. A century old primitive style bench sits at the other triple window and a black cabinet is at the opposite end of the room. In these photos you can see several cloches, I've collected.

The plant stand on the day we brought it home from The Seedbox.
I began visiting the land of blog, last fall after Kim from Daisy Cottage and Donna from The Decorated House, began their blogs. Before that, I had only a vague idea of what blogging was about. In March, with Kim and Donna's encouragement, I began Back Porch Musings. As I read back through my posts, I see those early ones as a tad different from what I'm writing now. I suppose it's the same style, but I can see where I was searching for my muse, back then. I think I may have found it, now.
Today, on my 64th birthday I'm writing post #64. I've enjoyed blogging every step of the way and hope to continue writing here for a long time!
You may notice a change in my photos. I finally figured out how to put text to the images. In recent days, I've read posts in the world of blogs and at a private decorating group, concerning copyrights and using photos from other sources. When I began blogging, I made a decision to use only my photos. I'm not savvy about copyright laws and didn't want to inadvertently get myself in hot water, so the decision was a safe way to go, for me. I have photographed books, in my possession, to illustrate reviews. I'm still trying to figure out the rules about the usage of those sort of photos. In an effort to mark my photos as my own, I'm using Back Porch Musings 2007, as my signature.
I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate each and every comment from you. Not long ago, a reader inquired about photographing one of our homes, for publication. While we were honored by this inquiry, the photo shoot is not to be. You can bet this was one of those "feel good moments". It meant so much to us, having someone, in the world of print media, consider our home worthy of publication. I've also been pleasantly surprised to meet a reader, in person. I hope to meet many more! It's been a joy, "traveling" around the USA and other areas of planet Earth, through blog journals.
Over the past several months, Back Porch Musings has evolved into a journal about our family, friends, home, road trips and shameless G'ma bragging. Speaking of G'kids, I was just pleasantly interrupted by a phone call. When I answered the phone, a tiny voice said, happy birthday G'ma. It doesn't get better than that!
It's my hope that I've introduced many of you to our beautiful state of Missouri. A "fly over" state of mainland USA, Missouri sits practically in the middle of the lower 48. In future posts, I'll write more about our beloved home state and the beautiful Ozarks. Of course, you will hear more about Xanti, Gabi, Drew and the "little bundle" expected later this year.
And now, the
ment of my 64th Birthday
Giveaway winner,
Andi from Andi's
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