~Fall Decorating Part II~

Cloches, covering gourds, sit atop a small cabinet, in the breakfast room. Above the cabinet are two prints of Kathy Glasnap paintings of lighthouses, in autumn and winter, Door County Wisconsin. A maple youth chair sits beside the wicker stand. To the left, in shadows, is a small table that sits beside the fireplace in the hearth room.

I visited Studio Stuff (listed in my side bar), Friday. Linda posted about a shop, with lots of fall decor. One of the items was a beautifully decorated fall tree. I decided, right then and there, I needed to put together a fall tree!
The tree I chose, is one of three I bought at JC Penney, about 6 years ago.
I found the leaf garland in our basement storage area. The feathers are from last Christmas, when I put together a feather Christmas tree for the dining room. Other bits and pieces are from around the house. The unlit fall tree sits in a small copper pot, in the foyer.


I bought this square wreath at Nell Hill's, Mary Carol Garrity's shop in Atchison KS. It's made of green leaves. I added silk flowers and fall leaves from our storage and strands of rust colored raffia. It hangs on the back porch fireplace.

We removed the sea grass rug, for fall and winter and replaced it with one of our old braided rugs. The rug is placed in front of a black iron glider. The photo was taken from the hearth room door. On the opposite side of the porch is the door to the master suite.

A sepia photo of the back porch.

I haven't finished decorating the front porch. I've, once again, used these fall containers, that I've had a couple of years. I plan to have two potted mums on the porch, also. I think this does it for fall decorating, this year. But notice, I said think! I never know when I might come up with another idea or three.