Elements of Change

We've begun a little project, at the condo. Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on a redo of the master bedroom.

We sold several pieces from this room, at our garage sale, in September.

The bedding will be creamy white. I already have the pleated/broomstick bedskirt, in creamy white. I'm going to dig around in storage. I seem to remember a few things I can use, that are tucked away.

A few of the things I picked up at Marshall's, Osage Beach, yesterday, are shown in the first photo.

I popped in at Marshall's, because it had been awhile, since I'd been there and I wanted to see what I could see. While browsing, I saw the lamps. I bought 2 of them. One for each nightstand. One of them had some damage to the shade, so I asked for and got an additional discount. The shade color, is just what I was hoping to find, for accents. The other accent color, lime, can be found in the pillows on the floor beside the chair.

The chair is one of two, we've owned several years. I covered the seats with the palm frond print, about 4 years ago. I believe they will do well, with my plan, for this room. The frame is from Target. I hope to use it for a sepia photo of the grandkiddos.

Pictured in the photo, at right, is one of two nightstands. We've had these several years and they will stay. I bought these at a furniture store sidewalk sale, for a rediculously great price!

These photos were taken, shortly after we moved into the condo, four years ago. This room was done on a small budget, since we were building our home, at the same time.

The chest, in the photo below, was purchased at Big Lots. I found out about this great deal, through one of my decorating groups. I also purchased a matching nightstand, at the same time. It sits beside the antique iron bed, in one of our guest rooms, at the lake.

The mirror is from a garage sale. Other items were picked up here and there.

The walls will remain a creamy white. We did some spackling, today. Next time we'll either touch up or completely repaint this room. The central color will be cream, with just the few pieces of blue and lime. The artwork will be some of my photographs, done in sepia. I have a vase of seashells, collected by Xanti and her aunt and uncle, on a beach in Florida. I'm hoping to use this on the chest.

The large palm in the corner will stay. The other silk plants, etc, will be used elsewhere. There will be few accessories. I'm hoping for a clean and uncluttered look for this room.

The window treatment will be replaced with guazy sheers. We brought the headboard home. We're going to see what it looks like in creamy white and perhaps a little tea stain faux finish. We'll play that by ear. I'm going to see if my favorite rug seller, at e-bay, has a small rug for between the end of the bed and the chest. The trunk is no longer at the condo. It's in my upstairs studio, here.

We're looking forward to working on this project. It will be the first home project of J's retirement, which begins one week from next Friday.