Daniel Boone Home

~Daniel Boone's Missouri home, near Defiance~

Our first Day Trip of J's retirement was a visit to the Daniel Boone Home.

Wednesday November 7, was a perfect fall day, in Missouri. Temperatures were in the 50 degree range and the sun was bright. A beautiful day for a walk around the Daniel Boone Home and grounds.

At the upper right, a photo of resident Tabby. I love Tabby Cats. This one is a beauty and not one bit camera shy.

In this photo, the rear elevation of the Boone home, built between 1803 and 1810, by Daniel and Nathan Boone. Daniel and Rebecca Boone lived in the house until Daniel's death on September 26, 1820.

In recent years, many historic structures have been moved to the property, where a small village is being replicated.

Sappington-Dressel House was built between 1806 and 1812 by Zephaniah Sappington (1751-1857) a son of John Sappington, a contemporary of Daniel Boone in Kentucky. Henry Dressel purchased the house from the Sappingtons in 1887, when Henry's son John was nine months old. John Dressel lived in the house over 100 years. The home was built on Gravois Road near Grant's Farm in South St Louis County.

Mount Hope Schoolhouse was built in St Charles County (MO) on land that was donated to the school in 1837. The building was used as a school house until the 1940's.

~Old Peace Chapel~ The original part of the building was built as a general store in 1844, in New Melle (MO) and modified into a church in 1905 for the German Evangelical Reform congregation.

Another view of Old Peace Chapel showing a gorgeous Maple tree, in all it's fall glory.

A log barn, built in the 19th century. The sheep greeted us, as if they knew I was going to take their picture!

The Schluersburg (MO) Post Office, was built in 1862. It was also used as a shoemaker shop.

This log general store, was moved from the town of Schleursburg, located about 2 miles east of the Boone Home. It was operated for many years by Fritz Von der Brelje.

This is on the back porch of a summer kitchen. I photo-
several structures.
I chose these, to include here, because they are a good representation of what can be found at the Daniel Boone Home. The link, in the first paragraph, will take you to the site, for more information.
We recommend a visit to the Daniel Boone Home.
After a short drive down the beautiful Missouri Weinstrasse (hwy 94), from Defiance, we stopped at Augusta, where we enjoyed a lunch of wine and cheese and even a bit of chocolate at Mount Pleasant Winery .

We sat in this gazebo on the edge of a hill overlooking a Missouri River farm.

Here I am, enjoying a lovely glass of Mount Pleasant Rhineland wine.