My grandmother, "Granny", with her daughters around 1923. My mother Marjorie, sits in her left arm, my Aunt Helen on her right. A few years after this photograph was done the sisters' brother Clifford, was born.

Another photograph shows my maternal grandparents around 1918-1919, after they married.

This book sits on the round table in our living room. It is a history of Laclede County Missouri. Found on the pages are stories about my family.

My Grandad can be seen in the back row, second from left, in this photograph. The family arrived in Missouri, from Kentucky in 1880, where they had lived since 1790. I believe their home was in the vicinity of Horse Cave Kentucky.
Soon after they arrived in Missouri, my great grandparents became instrumental in the organization of New Hope Baptist Church, in 1881. The family was well known throughout Laclede County for their beautiful singing voices. I can remember attending "sings" when I was a child. The memory of those wonderful voices, singing gospel music is as fresh in my memory as though I heard them yesterday.

Granny's family lived in Anderson County Tennessee before moving to Missouri. Her parents were married in 1886 and established a homestead near Morgan Missouri. My great grandfather was a reporter for the Lebanon Rustic and Laclede County Republican. In 1930 the Jobe High School Law went into effect. The Morgan Jobe High School opened in September, 1930, with 13 students. Great-Grandpa Hicks served as one of the first directors of the school. Imagine his pride when his youngest son was Validictorian of the first graduating class, in 1934.
As a young woman, Granny carried the mail daily on a small horse called Patsy.
I remember Sunday dinners of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy, at my grandparents home. Granny made the lightest biscuits I ever tasted.
Grandad had a dry wit. He entertained us with jokes and stories, I hope I never forget.

I've added a photo of the living room, from the french door, leading into the hearth room. The makeover is complete. We've begun an update of the master bedroom. I'll post about that little project sometime soon.
The photo at right shows the pencil sketch of our home, given to us by the local Garden Club, when our home was on tour. I reframed it today. The Labrador print from Nell Hill's makes a nice companion print.