~A Work in Progress~

The past few months we've been considering the purchase of a new mattress set for the master bedroom. For sometime now, we've awakened each morning achy and cranky. The mattress is just simply too soft!

We also talked about moving the queen mattress set from the master bedroom at our condo, exchanging for the king set here. We decided if we did that, we'd be waking achy and cranky at the lake. We certainly don't want to do that!

Last week we came to a decision. A mattress set, identical to the one at the lake, was in a seldom used guest room here. We moved it downstairs to the master suite and moved the king set from that room, up to the guest room.

If you've visited the Back Porch, now and then, you know this little change involved more than moving beds, from room to room.

This is a before photo, of the 2nd floor guest room, from around 2006. The iron bed is now in the master suite on the main floor.

This is how the guest room's "new" bed looked, in the master bedroom.
I've often thought of doing a room in shades of white. I was hesitant, because of our precious Molly and her beautiful black hair. When we decided to move the beds, a plan began to form in my mind. Here was my opportunity to have a room, done in shades of white. Molly, knowing her boundaries, never goes to the 2nd floor.
The paint color in the guest room is the same as that in the master suite, Laura Ashley Gold 3, by Valspar. It's a great neutral. The rooms will remain this color. However, the king headboard didn't fit into my scheme.
While visiting Laila's blog, I learned she had taken a dining set to a car shop for painting. That post was my inspiration for the headboard makeover. We made arrangements with a local auto body shop, to paint the bed. The painter suggested we buy a good paint, in the color we wanted for the piece. We matched chips to the small dresser, that was to remain in the guest room. Benjamin Moore Bavarian Cream, in satin, is the color we chose. J dropped off the headboard, at the shop, last Tuesday. Wednesday we got the call to pick it up. The finish is perfect and the cost was less than we would have paid at a furniture paint shop. This was the painter's first time painting wood furniture.
We used this same auto shop, one other time, when we had them sand blast an antique iron bed. We painted that piece, at home.
The headboard paint was matched to the small chest in this photo. The wing chair in the corner was given to us, a few years ago. It was upholstered in a frayed green/chartreuse stripe. I believe the chair was purchased during the 1960's, at an upscale Saint Louis furniture store, no longer in business. The legs remain green. The chair was skirted, when we had it reupholstered. The pillows, in the chair, are ribbon embroidered.
I've ordered a single tortoise shell bamboo shade for the double window. There will be lined and interlined panels, in ivory, on either side.
The print, pictured below, is a memento of our trip to Mackinac Island Michigan, in 2006. It depicts Haldemand Bay Harbor. I'm making decisions about other accessories and bedside tables. When this latest makeover is complete, I'll post an update.
We've not awakened achy and/or cranky, one single morning, since making the move last week. That alone has made this a successful makeover. Even though, it's still a work in progress.

This is the master suite, before. The floral love seat is no longer in the room. The small rug is now in the foyer. The lamps have been moved to the living room.
The former guest room bed, now in our room. The rug is from the living room. The sheer panels were on the double window in the guest room. The bedside chests, in the room, when this photo was taken, have been exchanged for a larger dark wood chest and table, moved from other rooms. I'm still working on this room, updates soon.