A bit of summer sunshine in February.

J has been going through old photographs and organizing them. Some are very old and some are more recent, like the ones here. With the exception of the photo of the Gulls, all photos in this post, were taken on the farm, during the 1990's.

We grew Sunflowers in our garden. When I saw the picture, I knew I had to add it here. I edited it to show three different views. The Sunflowers simply say sunshine, warmth and summertime.

A field beside the lane, leading to our home in the back pasture.

A misty summer morning.

This cellar was behind the original family home. That home was taken down during the 1960's, to make room for J's parents new home.

Canadian Geese on the pond at the front of our home in the back pasture. There was always something to see, at the pond.
While visiting Q's Corner, I learned the 11th annual Great Backyard Bird Count is taking place February 15 thru February 18. For more information about the GBBC and if you wish to participate, click this photo. J and I plan to participate.

Photo was taken on the shore of Lake Huron, Mackinaw City, Michigan, June 2006.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello again...I'm adding this edit after recieving an e-mail from my daughter, Xanti's Mom. You might remember Xanti's baby brother Elijah was born in November 2006 and only lived about 2 hours. Posterior Urethral Valves was the cause of his death. Since then Xanti and her Mom, have made and donated blankets to St Louis Childrens Hospital, monthly. The doctors of St Louis Childrens, worked so hard for our precious Elijah and continue to work for other precious children. Kim has a goal in mind, to make and donate these simple yet warm and comfy blankets for each child at Childrens. If you would like to read Elijah's story and perhaps make a blanket, please visit Kim's blog at: She has just begun the blog and has asked for my help in tweaking it a bit. Until then, Elijah's story with the idea for the blanket donations, has been published.

**The simple no sew blanket instructions are now at Kim's blog.

Thanks so much to all!