~A Little Laundry~

An old and worn chair sits in the corner of the laundry. Books are topped by an ancient green bowl holding wooden spools. A glass lingerie washboard can be seen at lower right.
The laundry room, at the farm, was fairly large. There was room for counter space and overhead cabinets, a small drop leaf kitchen table, the washer, dryer and water heater. There was a fairly large closet, used as a pantry and a full size window. That room eventually became a catchall for everything!
When we began planning our new home, I gave the laundry room quite a bit of thought. I decided that I didn't need all the space, I had at the farm. Instead I asked for a room about 6x8 ft. I find that I have plenty of room in this small laundry, built into a corner of the kitchen. A platform was built for the front loading washer and dryer and finished with tiles.
Over the past 4 plus years, I've had success in finding tables that fit into the space, to use for folding, etc. Recently, I decided to remove the table and place the little chair, from the side garden, in the corner of the room.
The farmhouse table is just outside the door of this small room. Easily accessible for folding laundry.
This view shows rooster plates, hanging over the washer and dryer. There is a sign, above the window, that reads Rise and Shine, Carpe Diem. The smaller sign advertises Red Rooster Seeds. The small wire basket topped with a hen, holds marble eggs.

This closeup shows the lamp, made from a Ball canning jar, sitting atop books. The jar is filled with wooden thread spools. Many still hold thread and wear original labels. The rooster and hen salt and pepper shakers were Mother's. In the background a trencher holds potpourri and a beeswax pineapple. In the foreground an upturned crock bowl serves as a candle holder.
Out of sight, next to the washer, there is a sign advertising apples. Above the sign hangs a berry wreath.
The shelf, made of salvaged wood, was previously used on the back porch fireplace. A Jim Shore angel holding a hen and basket of eggs, sits beside the HOME sign.
Many of the accessories in this room were used in the laundry room, at the farm.
I don't miss the larger laundry room. I find I can do laundry as efficiently in this room as I could at our previous home.
Wall Color: Laura Ashley Gold #3, American Traditions, Lowes.
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