~Yesterday & Today With J~

Bradford Pear trees on the hospital campus.

The beautifully blooming Bradford Pears, helped to brighten an otherwise dreary rainy day.
They also lightened our spirits!
J's appointment with his Cardiologist went quite well.

We stopped here, for comfort food, on the way home. Chicken and dumplings almost as good as Granny's and wonderful corn muffins. That was my lunch. J's choice was a big ol' farmstyle breakfast!
After I ordered, I left the table, to "freshen up". As I opened the "convenience" door, I heard Whisperin' Bill Anderson say, hello! That startled me into backing out of the door fast, thinking I had surely read the sign wrong! Then June Carter Cash began to sing and I knew all was well and I did indeed have the right place!
After lunch we drove across the highway, to where Willow Lake is located. I decided I needed a little retail therapy after the freshening up incident!
I've visited this cute shop a few times. I found a yellow wicker bed tray here, awhile back. I was happy to see the shop owner is now stocking Mary Carol items and in patterns I haven't seen.
I spotted the short cloche first and placed it on the counter. In a bit, I saw the little iron mouse. I could not resist him. He's at home, under the cloche, for the moment, on the dining room shelves.

Later, J needed to stop by and check on the guys. The old lineman wants to make sure all is running smoothly, without him!
The stress test was scheduled for 8 AM, this morning. We arrived at the hospital at about 7:15. J filled out the necessary paperwork and sat waiting for his appointment. The appointment ahead of him arrived with coffee cup in hand. He was asked how many cups he had this morning, to which he replied, three half decaf. This was a big cup. He didn't know he was to abstain from caffeine for the test. Because of that, J was able to take his test first. As he left, I told him I would be in the coffee shop, having my coffee. I enjoyed sitting in a quiet booth reading awhile, then talking to my daughter about the merits of different laptops. After about 45 minutes, I decided to return to the waiting room, where I was told my husband was looking for me. J had two stress tests. The second one, as he was roaming the hospital halls looking for me!
We haven't heard the results of the real stress test, but we believe all is well with it. Next trip to the hospital, J will have his blood drawn. It's an early morning appointment, too. I think I'll forget about a trip to the coffee shop!
I took a photo of this shopping center, in progress. The sign says, opening Fall 2008. It looks like it will be a wonderful place to shop and much closer to home than we're used to.
We stopped at this consignment shop, today, to see what we could see. Lots of lovely items for sale in this very nice shop. As we entered we were met by the owner. We thought he looked familiar. He was indeed someone we know. His son rented a house from J and his brothers, several years ago.
The name of the shop is Hand Me Ups. Isn't that a cute name! The shop is fairly new. We hope the man and his wife do well with this venture.
Later this week, I plan a little chair makeover post. I was inspired, to write the post, after reading an article in the May 2008 issue of Country Living.