Knockout Roses, beside our back porch steps, 2005.
Pat's home away from home.
Tuesday morning, around 7 AM (CDT), J was taken to surgery. The actual Prostatectomy began around 8:30 AM. The surgery was performed by a Da Vinci Robot. The Surgeon peers into a scope and manipulates the robot. Several tiny incisions are made, instead of the conventional Prostatectomy incision. J was in surgery 4 hours. All went well. The cancer was contained to the Prostate. We'll learn more about the pathology, when he returns to the Surgeon for a follow up, next Thursday, May 8. He will see the Cardiologist at that time, also.
During surgery/recovery, J's heart acted up, somewhat. He has been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation for over 20 years. Because of this, his hospital stay was extended a couple of extra days. He was on the cardio floor, instead of surgical.
He was released, just before noon, today. I drove home. J was given permission to drive and has driven, this afternoon. He wanted to drive to the Vet, where Molly was boarded. They were happy to see each other, needless to say!
We packed up around noonish, Monday, the 28th. Got in the car, turned the key and nothing happened! So we unloaded the car and packed the truck and drove it to the hotel where we stayed overnight and I stayed until this morning. Our son in law took care of the car, Monday evening and brought it to us. A battery was all that was needed.
J is napping and I am considering a nap myself!
We can't thank you all enough for your kind thoughts, prayers, cards and e-mails. These have helped keep us going this week.
I hope to visit my Back Porch friends, tomorrow and over the weekend. I've missed all of you!