~Garden Walk~

Early Saturday morning, I took a few photos of the Hosta blooms and the Endless Summer Hydrangeas, growing beside the patio.

It's amazing how these plants change, throughout the season. Not long ago, the Hydrangeas were just beginning to bud and the Hostas had no blooms. It seems like yesterday, when the Hosta were unfurling from their winter nap.

The fountain, in the dining room garden, began to leak from one of the shells, awhile back. After repairing the crack, several times, J decided to move the fountain to the side garden, shown in the photo, where it is now a bird bath. It sits among Tiger Lilies. The plants are full of buds. I'll take photos, when they bloom.
We're now looking around for a new fountain for the dining room garden. We like the bubbler fountains, made from urns. We want to see several styles, before we make our decision. Do you have any fountain recommendations?

Tomorrow afternoon (Monday), we depart for the lake. We'll spend the next several days finishing projects and enjoying the peaceful calm, before the 4th of July! We'll return home, late on the fourth or early July 5th. Our sweet Xanti is flying in, for the weekend and we can't wait to see her! She'll return to school, next week.
I'm going to try putting together a 4th of July post, to be published on the 3rd. Just in case I'm not successful in my first time attempt at this fairly new blog option, I'm wishing you a Happy Independence Day!
Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on the Oddfellows Cafe post. Lori and Greg are very appreciative. I was so pleased to find a comment from their young chef, also. Thank you for your lovely comments about my little "attic retreat", in Leftover Makeover, too.
Look for my 4th of July post, here, July 3rd, in the evening. I also have one scheduled for July 4th on the photo blog. Yes, I managed to get two scheduled! I'll remember this feature, next time we're going to be away.