~Another Lake Room~

This pretty weekend home is up in the cove from our condo.
Last Tuesday, we did a bit of work in the other guest room, at the condo. We replaced the white faux wood plantation blinds, with bamboo roman shades, in white, shown in this photo. These are from JC Penney. We have them here at home, in a dark color, in J's lodge room. Cape Cod is the name of this particular shade. We also have the shade, in the white condo guest room. I love the way this style shade opens up the rooms.
The picture, beside the window, is a photograph of Mackinac Bridge, in Michigan. It's a very long suspension bridge, we crossed during our family Michigan trip, two years ago. A few examples from our birdhouse collection, sit on a bench under the window and on the armoire. The bench was made by a friend of ours, many years ago. The birdhouses were used in the breakfast room Christmas tablescape, two years ago.
I chose to give a whimsical aspect to this room, by painting boat oars in bright colors on the wall, a few years ago. In the corner, by the closet I have a white washed deep basket, holding beach towels.
When I ordered the butterfly prints, from Pottery Barn, for the foyer makeover, I also ordered the butterfly and moth prints, above this bed. Previously, there was a beach with boat print. That print is now in the white room.

More whimsy! A giant gull! I painted this, the same weekend, I painted the oars. We have gulls at the lake, during early spring. When warmer temps arrive, they migrate, elsewhere.

The blue and white quilt was embroidered, pieced and hand quilted by the members of Saint Ann Sodality, of Sacred Heart Church. J's mother may have worked on one of these blocks. This is one of two quilts we won at annual church picnics, over twenty years ago. I won this quilt. J won a yellow quilt, the following year.
Another look at the amazing giant gull!

This cabinet is in the main room of the condo. The kitchen, dining and living room are combined. A sort of great room. I found the cabinet at a sidewalk sale, here in town. It's extremely heavy, all wood and glass. A great piece of furniture for a bargain price. It works surprisingly well, with the cottage look of the condo. The cabinet and baskets hold movies, games and books. Above, is a print of a painting of Door County, Wisconsin. A souvenir of one of our vacations. There are a couple of empty photo frames atop the cabinet, waiting for more photos from Xanti. She visited the lake, not long before she left for school. During the visit, she added photos to some empty frames, I had there. It was a joyful surprise to find those photos.
Below, a close up of the shorebird arrangement, on the cabinet. We have Killdeer, here in Missouri, very similar to this bird.
Last Wednesday, we met friends for lunch, at City Grill, in Osage Beach. After lunch we shopped at the Outlet Mall and Blair's Landing. We returned to City Grill for dessert, later in the afternoon.
Molly, enjoying the lake view from our deck.
Canada Geese beside the slips. We see few geese, here in our cove.

Thursday afternoon, our family began to arrive. Thursday night, we saw a few fireworks, across the cove.
Fish, fried potatoes and cornbread in the shape of a fish, served with lemon and onion. Just a small example of the food we managed to consume over the holiday. I have a cast iron pan, with five fish shaped wells, for making the cornbread. Gabi and Drew thought those cornbread fish were pretty nifty! Naturally, hamburgers, watermelon and homemade ice cream were also some of the foods we sampled last week!
Fourth of July night, we were treated to a wonderful fireworks display. The "show" is furnished by a homeowner across the cove.
Bright and early, Saturday morning, J and I left the lake and made our way home. After purchasing a new phone, for Xanti, we met her and her mom and dad and Noah. It was so good seeing her! We miss her so much! Xanti will be returning to school today, so our visit was short, but very sweet! She has some beautiful photos on her site. The most recent were taken at a rodeo last week. Hopefully, I will be sharing some of her work, when she returns home. She is an amazing photographer!
We're returning to the lake, for a few more days, tomorrow. Still work to do there. Of course relaxation is always good! The scheduled posts worked well. I'll try to do a couple more, before we leave.
There was a question on the Leftover Makeover post, concerning the animal print rug, that was formerly in the studio. That rug is now in the back guest room, here at home.
Another, recently asked, question was about our kitchen, breakfast room and hearth room flooring. It is ceramic, by Mohawk, done in a pinwheel pattern.
Thank you all so much, for visiting, while we were away. I intend to do some visiting, this afternoon.
Have a wonderful week!