~An Early Autumn Drive~

This fine fellow kept his eyes on me, the entire time I was taking his photo. I have several shots. His eyes moved with me in every single one! Yes, it is a tad creepy. I wonder if he arrived on this planet aboard one of the vehicles seen at the end of this post! That would be quite a story to tell, on chilly Fall nights, around the fire. Autumn is the time of year when tall tales can be heard in every little corner of the countryside.

We'll save the ghostly stories until it grows a little cooler and the frost is on the pumpkin. For now, come along on a drive through beautiful rural Missouri, on this early Autumn day.

Sit back, relax, enjoy!

This is a private covered bridge, crossing a small creek. There is a way to ford the creek, for large trucks.
A northern Lincoln County lane.
Black Walnut Tree branch. I love Black Walnuts in Fudge and Pumpkin Bread.
Walnuts, beneath the tree.

A small Maple showing glorious Autumn color.

Friendly toadstools? Or could they be Flying Saucers?