~Art at the Condo, Old & New~

When we began working on a little update of the condo, I was interested in finding new prints or paintings. In the end, I decided to use some of my own photos.
I borrowed granddaughter Xanti's nifty little macro lens, a couple of weeks ago. I've put one of those on a wishlist, along with a telephoto lens.

I used the macro lens to take a few photos of seashells, I have here at the lake, ordered prints from Walgreen's at 19 cents each and framed them between glass, in a Target frame.

The photos are used in the hallway, beside the "laundry" doors. Behind those sliding doors are the washer and dryer. I'm mulling over an idea or two, to pretty up the laundry closet.

The second framed photo, hanging in the hallway, is a close up I took, of the rose, written about in the previous post. The photo is in black and white.

The framed print, above, is one we purchased while visitng Door County Wisconsin a few years ago. The artist is CL Peterson. Click this Link for more about Peterson's work. This particular painting, a composite of Ephraim, Wisconsin, was commissioned by local citizens, for a fund raiser. We fell in love with this print, while visiting a gallery, in Ephraim. If you look closely, you will see Wilson's Ice Cream, in the print. Some of you will know about Wilson's. We had lunch there one day while driving the peninsula of beautiful Door County.
Atop the wine cabinet is one of the driftwood pieces, J picked up along the lake shore. The blue birds add a little whimsy. I see it's time to stock up on wine!
We're leaving for home, after lunch, today. We have a couple of appointments, next week and a few other things to take care of. Hoping to return to the lake in a week or two.
Have a wonderful weekend!