~Monday Metamorphosis #1~

January 19th, marks the 1st Metamorphosis Monday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Thank you Susan, for hosting this event. To see more metamorphosis, follow this Link.
My first Monday Metamorphosis, a "mini met", involves the fireplace, at the condo. J and our son in law, completed painting the front room and inside hallway of the condo, over the weekend. The walls are Sherwin Williams Snowflake, a very light gray. The TV cubby above the fireplace is in SW Mink. We are so pleased with this little makeover. The opening, above the fireplace, seems to recede, with the new paint color.
While the guys painted, my daughter and I went shopping. Terrie happened to mention, she thought we should think about buying a flat screen TV. After some discussion and research, we purchased a TV, Saturday evening. It's much better than the former TV, which is now in the condo master bedroom. We picked up an inexpensive shelf, to use while we await the shelf and mantel being built by a neighbor.
We had supper at Baxter's Grille. If you're at the lake, we recommend Baxter's. Wonderful food, customer service is amazing and fabulous lake views!
I thought you might like to see the view from the deck, just about an hour after the amazing sunrise, seen in the previous post, Friday morning; a sort of weather metamorphosis.
We've enjoyed the gulls, the past few days; watching them move around on the ice, as it melted and kicking up a fuss when a bald eagle flew over. We saw several eagles, today.
After a busy weekend, I hope to have time to sit down and check in with you. We're also going to do some exploring tomorrow, weather permitting. We went from 0 temperatures, on Friday, to mid 30's today. Thirties seem almost tropical, after the earlier temps.
Have a great week and I'll do my best to get around to seeing you. I miss my visits and appreciate everyone who comes by the Back Porch, even when I am so neglectful!
Sheila, at Quintessential Magpie and Joy of Books and Life have challenged me to a fun photo meme. I'll answer the challenge, later this week.