~The Island Project~

Once again, it's time for Metamorphosis Monday, hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch. For fabulous decorating makeovers, in the land of blog, stop by Susan's, Sunday evening, after 10:00 PM, Eastern time.
The finished island, as seen from the dining room.
The island, in Hickory, as it appeared before the makeover.

Primed with a tinted primer.

The first coat of black satin paint. We decided not to have the island distressed.
"Painter Guy", priming the doors of the island.
The doors, painted black and drying, on the farmhouse table, in the breakfast room.
As it usually goes, with just about any makeover, one thing leads to another. Two years ago, we had trim added to a functional beam in our breakfast room. At that time, "Trim Guy" suggested we leave the space between the trim painted gold. I've looked at this space for two years, not satisfied, with the end result. The reasoning behind leaving it gold was, the trim did not go to the wall in the kitchen, therefore, "Trim Guy" thought it would look odd to paint the gold space white. I decided not to argue the point and let it go. But it kept bothering me! So, when "Painter Guy" was here last week, I presented the dilemma to him and he saw a solution, immediately. He brought a small piece of trim, from home and added it to the kitchen side of the beam, between the opening and wall. Voila! Dilemma solved!
The photo above and following photos, show the before and after photos of the beam metamorphosis.

The corner, above the cabinets, where the small piece of trim was added, between the opening trim and wall.

In the photo, below, an empty space can be seen above the print with a green mat. I "borrowed" the print that was previously there, for the hearth room. I'm looking around the house and elsewhere, for something to replace it.
The glimmer of one other makeover began with a Metamorphosis Monday visit to KD's study makeover at Southern Whimsy. KD replaced a light fixture in her study, with a light, in the style I've been looking for, to hang over the kitchen island.
Because of a wiring miscommunication between the cabinet maker and the electrician, the box for the island light was slightly off center. I made a quick decision, purchased a small pendant light, with a stained glass shade, to use temporarily, thinking I would find the light of my dreams and wishes soon. I know we could have had the box moved to the center of the island, so a double light fixture could be used, but who knows what I was thinking as we were on a deadline to finish construction. At that time, we were paying rent on our home at the farm, which we had already paid for once! We were anxious to be finished with construction.
When I asked KD, where she found her light fixture, she graciously informed me she had found it at JC Penney. I found the light and it was on sale!
KD's beautiful fixture has a light beige shade and the iron is a sort of scroll work. While looking through the fixtures at Penney's, I found the one shown in the photos of the finished island. It has a black metal shade and isn't as ornate as KD's. I decided this would work wonderfully for our country style kitchen. A ceiling medallion, was also added. Thank you KD for the gorgeous inspiration!
The light fixture looks like it was always meant to be.
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