We returned home, from the lake, Saturday afternoon. Usually, the drive takes just a little over 2 hours, if we make no stops.  This time, with stops in Jefferson City, Fulton and Aunt Ruth’s, the trip was 6 enjoyable hours.

The Iris, Peony, Poppies and other flowers were blooming, at Aunt Ruth’s. I couldn’t resist taking more photos to share.  The lens, I used for these, is the Tamron 18-200.







peony8 Remember the mashed potatoes, from the Foodie Friday meatloaf meal?  I used about two cups of leftover mashed potatoes, to make potato cakes, for lunch, the next day.  Have you prepared or tasted potato cakes? J remembers potato pancakes. He doesn’t recall having potato cakes, when he was growing up. 

Mother and Granny always made potato cakes, when there was leftover mashed potatoes.  

Mix 1 beaten egg, and a couple of tablespoons of flour into about 2 cups of mashed potatoes.  Drop by spoonfuls onto floured board and form into patties.  Spray and heat a non stick skillet, “fry” the cakes, until golden brown.  We had our potato cakes with cold meatloaf sandwiches. 

I believe potato cakes are best when made with leftover potatoes.


J and I look forward to meeting a blog friend, this week. Be sure to stop by the Back Porch, to read all about our visit.


I believe the blue Iris, in this post, are good candidates for Sally’s Blue Monday.   More beautiful blues can be found at Smiling Sally’s.