~Another Chapter~



leaves10A Before we close the book on Missouri leaf peeping 2009, I’m adding one more chapter.

We helped some of our kids move furniture, Sunday, afternoon.  On our drive home, we stopped at Lake Saint Louis and Wentzville, Missouri for a few photos.

I don’t know if it’s at peak, for this season, but the color is certainly brilliant.

We sort of “trespassed” to get the shots of the barn and old house and sheds, on a property for sale.  We were not inside the gate, though. We are an adventuresome duo, but not that adventuresome!

I must admit, we did have someone check up on us.  He smiled when J told him what we were up to.  He asked, joking, if we’d like to buy that old barn.  Well sure we’d like to buy that old barn, dismantle and move it somewhere safe. But, alas, we are not 40 years younger than we are! leaves3A

leaves8A  leaves9A




Lake Saint Louis

leaves6A leaves7A


A couple of old barns, beautiful leaves, and one tiny leaf peeper collage, for Mary’s Mosaic Monday.


J and I continue to enjoy reading your comments on the master makeover post. Thank you!

It also means so much, that our story might have touched you, in some way. 

Although we might not have appreciated it, as much, when we were kids, we certainly cherish our early memories now and appreciate all those instances in our lives that made us who we are.

Of course, there is lots more to the story and we hope to keep adding chapters, along the way.

Thank you for visiting the Back Porch! Have a wonderful week!