~Christmas in the Living Room~

christmas potpourri32A 

christmas potpourri10A christmas potpourri11A

christmas potpourriA

Christmas at the White House.  An early Christmas gift.

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T’was the Night Before Christmas

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We had not planned to put a tree in the living room ,this year, until we stopped in at Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago.  I was there to find scrap tree trimmings, in the garden area. I went inside just to have a look around.  You know how that goes!

I found gorgeous Poinsettias and a Rosemary tree, for the kitchen.  I also found lots of beautiful Norfolk Island Pines.  The price was right, so we found a place in the car to bring one home.

I put it in an urn and set it on the round table in the living room.  I believe the branches are too fragile to add lights, so I decorated with a few light weight ornaments.  I added greenery with lights around the urn and decorated it with ornaments, ribbon, and a Santa, dressed in green and gold.

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All through the house…

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And on the Back Porch, too!

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Powder Room

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I was asked about the plates, in the breakfast room plate rack, shown in Country Christmas.

These are salad/dessert plates; part of my collection of Lenox Winter Greetings Everyday. 

I began the collection with these plates.  I’ve added dinner plates and accessories, through the years, at after Christmas sales and Lenox Outlets.  I miss those outlet stores!

Another question was about the sleigh and Santa, seen in the  hearth room, same post.

The photo below was taken in the dining room before Thanksgiving.  It shows the two pieces better than the photo shot in the hearth room.

christmas potpourri15A

The Santa and sleigh are Jim Shore~Heartwood Creek.

I’m still working on the kitchen.  It seems that room is always last, at Christmas time.