~In a Fog~

FOG2 As you can see, from this photo, we are in a fog at Lake of the Ozarks. 

With a bit more computer time, this trip, I’ve been surfing blogs. From time to time, I click on a new link.

I ran across a post about clique blogs. I’m not sure what those are.

The expression same ol’ same ol’ popped into my head, as I was reading the description. Apparently, the so called clique blogs present the same type of post week after week, without anything new or refreshing to offer. They are made up of a “group” of bloggers, I believe.

Week after week, I photograph and write about tablescapes, makeovers, cooking, and our life, in general. This might seem boring to some, but not to others.  

I have met a group of wonderful people, while blogging, with the same interests as mine. Many of us participate in the same events; whether from time to time or week to week.  Clique?

I remember cliques, from school, all those 50 years ago.  I’ve learned, through the years, those people weren’t necessarily happy.  Even though they were the most popular, they were not always nice people.

The group of fine bloggers, I check on, every morning, might be considered a clique, even though we don’t criticize or believe we are better than others, as some school cliques did. 

We are a rather large group, enjoying the company of each other, like folks did at  coffee klatches, years ago.  I remember visiting neighbors, each morning, having a cup of coffee or tea and sharing.  Visiting “my blogs”, gives me the same warm feeling, as those long ago coffee klatches.

As everyone, I tend to visit blogs that interest me.  While I enjoy the visit, I don’t always have anything to say, therefore, I don’t always leave a comment.

The musings or whatever it is, at the Back Porch, aren’t intellectual and for many, not so interesting. I blog about what I know. It would be silly for me to blog about things I don’t have the slightest knowledge or interest in.

I’ve lost track of a few of my friends, over the past months.  Life caught up with me, along with a little glitch that took away my blog list. This list is different from the follower list. I’ve been working to get it back together, since the morning it disappeared.


How important are comments to you and to the future of your blog?  Do you see them as a gauge of your blog’s popularity?  Does it matter if your blog is popular or not?

FOG3 One last thought, in this foggy rambling post that probably makes little sense.  When anyone comes by, who sees nothing of interest, at the Back Porch or any other blog, it would be kind if they would move on to a blog that is more their style, without comment.

It’s a big blog world, out there.  Plenty of topics for everyone.

I’ve been fortunate to have had only a few negative comments, while blogging. For this, I am grateful.


I’ll return next week, back to my old colorful, cheerful self.

Thank you dear and faithful readers!  You are loved.