Change is good.

We are in the midst of furniture moving, this morning. 

The photos show hints of what is happening in the hearth room. 

For awhile now, we’ve mulled over the idea of getting back to the authentic us.

We love the era we grew up in.  The 1950’s were wonderful.  There were problems, as in every decade, but there was just something about that time that was special. At least, for us, it was a special time.

Of course, life was simpler when we were kids.  We naturally have fond memories of the time. 

I’ve always gravitated toward a relaxed style for our homes.  Yet, when we built our present home, I was drawn into a more formal sort of traditional style idea, we’ve both grown tired of.  It is different than what we were used to.  Even though pretty, It just isn’t the real Pat & J.

While the pieces we are collecting are not necessarily from the 1950’s, some being from earlier times, they are pieces we saw in homes of our childhood.

The kitchen/breakfast room/hearth room is our favorite area of our home.  I believe this is because these rooms reflect who we are.

You saw some of the changes taking place in a previous post about the living room.  With the recent purchase of a small table and chairs, from the 1940’s-50’s (perhaps earlier), we’ve begun the hearth room “update”. 

The look, I hope to capture, will have the country style that was often found during the mid 20th century; not the mid century modern style, we often see.  It’s the style of 40’s/50’s rural farm homes and small towns.  The kind of places where we were children.


I’ll take more photos and tell more about the table, when we’ve completed the project.


Have a wonderful weekend!