~Spring Fluffing in Pink~



~A Hint of Pink at the Condo~

A Work in Progress

While shopping at Marshall’s Osage Beach, the other day, I found a pink plaid duvet cover and shams.  I immediately thought of the smallest of the three bedrooms of the condo.  Last year, I did the room in mostly white.  When I saw the pink, I couldn’t resist a mini makeover of the mini room. 

As you can see in one of the photos of the collage, the bed is just about a foot and a half from the closet door.  There is a space for a narrow table on the other side of the bed. 

Next time we drive down, we’ll bring the truck so we can take the headboard home.  It will be painted a creamy white.  I’ll bring a small wicker table from home and white pillows for the shams.  The ticking pillows show through the fabric, in these photos.  I’ll also bring a small chair, for one corner of the room, where the pink pillow will be used.  The N is for Nautica.  The shams and duvet cover (also from Nautica) and initial/logo pillow were at bargain prices. 

I’ve had the floral pillow a couple of years.  It keeps migrating from room to room at the condo.  I’m having some of my photos printed in sepia, to use in the square frames, above the bed.

I think the grandgirls will like this little makeover.  The grandfellas, on the other hand….not so much.  Perhaps I’ll do a mini spiff up of the other bedroom, for them.

More photos and a post when I’ve finished the Spring fix up, in this room.