~Back Porch Happenings~



An in progress look at what is happening on the back porch.

We have a rattan/wicker chest, at the lake, we are borrowing for the back porch. I bought the chest about 7 years ago at Big Lots, for under $100. A corner and the top of the chest can be seen in the photos, below, taken on the deck at our condo, last year.  We’ll bring the chest home after our little spring trip.  The chest will be painted white. The original knobs will be replaced with the colorful knobs, seen, close up, in the photo below.  I found them, yesterday, at Hobby Lobby. At 50% off the cost was $1.50 each.



The shell lamp is from Marshall’s, Osage Beach MO. The bowl is vintage and shows some of the colors I hope to use, with the white wicker, on the porch.  The wire cloche is from The Schaefer House, Jefferson City MO.  The welcome sign is from The Apple Wagon, just east of Kingdom City MO. The Apple Wagon has been renovated, with another show room installed. It is looking great.

The Norfolk Island Pine is the one we used in the living room, Christmas ‘09.


I have a new computer. My daughter is taking care of my old laptop, transferring photos, etc.  I know there must be a photo of the chest somewhere, but not sure where. I found these two photos with a tiny corner and top showing, in THIS post from last year. Perhaps this will give you an idea of the shape and texture of the piece.



A glimpse through the living room window shows the window and shutter “screen” J made for the hearth.  We brought the small cabinet, to the left, from the hearth room.  We are still in the early stages of preparing the back porch.  We’re wondering if the Wrens will return to the birdhouse, this spring.  At the moment we have a Robin nesting in the evergreen next to the steps.

There will be more additions as we progress.  First, though, our Spring 2010 Road Trip.  I’ll be around to visit, between packing and planning, in the next day or two.

~J’s Checkup~

All went well with J’s check up, on Monday.  He will return in 6 months. If all is well, he will not need to return for a year. 

We both will continue our quarterly check ups with our Cardiologist/Primary Physician.  We had check ups in February and all was well with that.  We continue to live by the quote, on the sidebar; living each day to the fullest.

Blogdom Alert!

Just a note.  Mary Carol Garrity has a blog! Yes, folks MCG of Nell Hill’s is now blogging! You can find the blog HERE.