~The Fireplace Project~


Faux fireplace, that is…..



Hearth Room Fireplace

The hearth room fireplace is gas, as is the stone fireplace in J’s “lodge”, in the lower level of our home.  The back porch fireplace is wood burning.

I have thought about using a mantel to create a faux fireplace, but never ventured any farther than thinking about it, until recently. 

I try to remember to check JC Penney Wednesday Deals.  One particular Wednesday, a few weeks ago, while looking at the Wednesday Deals, I clicked on clearance and found a fireplace surround, marked $179.99 from $499.99, with free shipping.  I didn’t see how I could pass up an offer like that.  I ordered it before I could talk myself out of it.  It arrived within two days.

With the garage sale and a few other little interruptions, the faux fireplace project was delayed until this past weekend.


 Faux fireplace elements include the surround, paintable wallpaper from Lowe’s, and leftover ceramic tile, from the master bathroom.

The surround is not attached permanently, but rather hangs by keyhole mounts on two anchors.  The wallpaper can be easily removed.  Instead of  installing the tiles, they sit on a strip of non slip drawer liner, to keep them stable and protect the hardwood floor.  The surround can be taken apart, should we want to use it in another home.


We began the project, early Saturday morning, by hanging a tin ceiling look paintable wallpaper.


It has been said I am a “bubble off plumb”, in more ways than one.  I hope you keep that in mind and not examine the seams too closely.

As you can see, the Pampered Chef pastry roller is a handy tool for pressing wallpaper seams.  I have also used this little gadget when pressing peel and stick tile.  It is great for rolling pastry, too.


The wallpaper will, hopefully, give the appearance of old tile.  I set the surround legs up to sort of test the idea.  The “fireplace” sits next to the master bedroom door to the hallway.


The idea is to give the appearance of a fireplace that has been plastered over; often seen in older homes.


Sunday afternoon, we finished the install. We still need to cut trim to fit on either side.  I’m also looking for a piece of tile or trim to put on either side of the tiles, to finish out the look. 

Because it is close to completion, I decided to feature the “new fireplace” in this post.

The screen is one we used on the back porch. It’s a tad crooked, but will do until we find something else or add an electric fireplace.

I found a few things, around the house, for a vignette.  I am sure the mantel will be changed often.


The print is from a water color of Haldimand Bay, Mackinac Island, Michigan.


This fireplace is at our 2nd home, a condo at Lake of the Ozarks.  The TV niche was painted Sherwin Williams Mink to de-emphasize the opening.  A lake neighbor made the mantel.  We rarely use this fireplace, which is gas.


 Have a wonderful week. 

We are on our way to the lake, for a few days, with a couple of g’kiddos.

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Because I got such a bargain, with the mantel, I am adding this project to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures.