~Lunch Table Talk~


Monday morning, bright and early, J and I drove south for blood work.  This time, we both had routine tests.  Each of us had a fasting test. J had another test for his blood thinner levels.  We’ll know more about the fasting tests, after our check ups in about three weeks.  We are hoping to hear the results of the blood thinner test, in the next day or two.

I don’t know about you, but after these fasting tests, I am famished!  I decided a Mocha Frappe from McD’s was just the ticket, for breakfast. 

To assuage my guilt over my lavish breakfast, I had a light lunch.


I placed a thick slice of Sprite Melon, in a small fruit bowl, filled it with Blueberries, topped with light whipped topping and garnished with a Strawberry. 

It looked so pretty it deserved a photo shoot.


It was delicious, too.

An update…..already!



After I published the post about the new cabinet, I made a minor change.



About 10 years ago, I shot a few black and white photos of barns around our county, with a 35mm film camera.  I remembered those photos, the other day, and thought one or two of them would be a great addition to the wall beside the cabinet, made from an old Missouri barn.


The barn, in the top photo, was on the farm next to J’s family farm. It is still in existence.  The barn, in the second and third photos, was just outside a small village, west of our town.  That barn is no longer standing.


As you can see, in this photo of the back of the cabinet, red paint is still visible on the old barn boards.

Because this has a few tabletop elements, I am linking to Marty’s Tabletop Tuesday.