~Something to Talk About~

The Front Porch14

…on the back porch

The Front Porch1In this case,  something to talk about at The Front Porch. 

After we did the shutter/window wall, at the condo, I thought a harvest table would look wonderful, in place of the round table and four chairs.  I’ve looked for a table of about 6 feet, with benches.  The plan is to put one end of the table against the “window wall”, with benches on either side.

Youngest daughter has first dibs on the round table and chairs.

The Front Porch2 

I looked at vintage and new tables, never finding just the right one…until Tuesday morning, on our way home from the lake.

We stopped at The Front Porch Antiques, along Hwy 54, on Penny Hollow Lane.  Don’t you love the name of the road!

J and I spent some time wandering around, like we usually do in antiques shops.  Then we happened upon the table, in the photo above.  It was just what I had in mind, but at 4 feet, it was about 2 feet smaller than we need.  We were talking about how we wished it was just a tad bit larger.  That’s when the shop owner’s daughter told us the table was handmade, from reclaimed wood, by an Ozark craftsman, who does custom orders. That’s when we decided to have a table and benches made for the condo.  Ours will be 6 feet by about 3 feet.  The top has three 12 inch boards.  We ordered a blue and cream finish.  We should be able to pick it up in a couple of weeks.

The Front PorchAs long as we were shopping, we ordered one other piece.  It’s in one of these photos and is for the breakfast room/hearth room, here at home. 

Can you guess which piece and the colors we ordered?

The Front Porch 15

The new piece will replace this cabinet.

As pretty as the cabinet is, the top shelves are not sturdy.  I kept expecting to hear a loud crash and broken crockery.  Just such a catastrophe happened in our neighbor’s dining room, a few years ago. 

As fragile as the top section is, the base is pretty good.  This cabinet has been in the breakfast room for a few months.  The double bonnet secretary sits, in the hearth room, where the cabinet was, last Christmas, when the photo was taken.

We were set to donate the cabinet, when I had one of those lightbulb moments.  Why not use the base in the living room, behind the sofa.

The Front Porch7

Furniture moving commenced bright and early this morning.

The Front Porch9

I put a few things together, for a vignette, before taking photos.  If you are a regular reader, you know the arrangements, on this piece of furniture, will be changed often.

The Front Porch16

There you have it…..something to talk about, at The Front Porch.