~Something New~


We are preparing for a trip to the lake, today.

Labor Day weekend is the last big weekend of Summer 2010.

I have a post started in draft for Saturday Photo Fun II. The image, above, is included in that post.

Something New

I added something to my sidebar, very early this morning, I hope will become a regular feature. 

While looking at the list of blogs I follow, I saw a delightful post from Vignette Design.  It inspired me to begin the new sidebar feature.

In this first edition of Posts to Take Note, I used one of my own images.  In the future I hope to add the blog authors’ photos.  The feature was a spur of the moment idea, in the wee small hours of the morning. 

As you can see, from the image, we are fans of Coppola Wines, as well as fans of Coppola.

Delores’ (Design Vignette) photos are beautiful.  Her post about the Coppola Winery is well written. 

I was taken with Francis Ford Coppola’s quote.