Moving to New Blog Address

While clicking and clicking this morning, I managed to get this page back.  Still no custom domain.com. That is gone forever, I am afraid.  I’m now posting on blogspot.com, for the purpose of relaying the address for Back Porch Musings’ new home.
I hope you all will visit me at:
Thanks so much!
Bradford Pear Blossom
Monday morning, we made a quick trip to Wentzville MO, were J was having a blood draw at Quest Diagnostics.  Nothing to worry about, we are making progress with the pesky Pro Time.
As I waited in the car, listening to the radio and reading, I glanced out the window and thought I was seeing things.
The parking lot, at Quest, is lined with Bradford Pear trees. 
Normally, in our neck of the woods, Bradford Pear blooms in early Spring.  This one appears to be confused.
I attracted attention, as I was getting a closer look and capturing a photo or two.  The expressions on various faces didn’t deter me from my mission.
I wonder if folks were focused on the quirky little old white haired lady, with the camera, and missed the phenomena of a September blooming Bradford Pear; I hope not.
This fellow, not believing his eyes, moved in for a closer look at the tree and the photographer.
My camera is with me at all times.  Not for possible blog opportunities, but rather the passion I have for photography.  I had an interest in photography long before I began Back Porch Musings, in 2007.  Because of Back Porch Musings, my interest grew.  I hope the passion continues, when Back Porch Musings is a distant memory.
A carousel ride…
A few days ago I visited my cousin’s Facebook page and was absolutely delighted with a photo, I saw.
Sad to say, many times senior citizens are dismissed as confused and a tad quirky, if not downright loopy.  I’m sure similar thoughts were going through the mind of at least one of the people watching me “dance” around the “confused” pear tree, clicking away with my trusty Canon.
My cousin’s 70th birthday is in December.  I smiled when I saw the Facebook photo, taken while she rode a carousel.  The photo’s title, 7 or 70. 
I’m not sure, with my short chubby legs, I could climb upon a carousel horse.  I might give it a try, for my 70th birthday in three years….or maybe sooner.  Until then, I’ll enjoy the Camaro…another kind of carousel ride.
Blog Confusion….perhaps….
I continue to enjoy blogging and am amazed at the number on the Follow list.  It was two years ago next month, when that list began to grow, not long after I added the Follow widget.  I’ve never asked anyone to follow, the list just grew. 
I think, at times, we are taken in by numbers and confused by the competitive nature that sometimes happens in the land of blog. 
The advice of this little old white haired lady is to blog because you love it.
I completely understand having an interest in numbers if your business is connected with your blog.  But if you are blogging as a hobby, forget about the numbers and competition.  Someone somewhere is reading your blog and benefitting from your efforts, whether they stop by and tell you or not.  You touch the lives of others, without being aware of doing so.
Relax, enjoy the process.  I’ve always said, when the Back Porch becomes work, I’ll stop blogging.  I’ve slowed down a time or two, when it began to feel like a job rather than a hobby.  I’ve begun to do a few more posts, lately.  It just happens.  I don’t plan it.  If a project, day trip or meal looks like it will work for the Back Porch, I’ll take some photos and put together a draft. 
I believe a laid back approach to blogging works for me.  Otherwise, blogging just might take over my life and I would miss out on confused pear trees and carousel rides.
Thanks to all who read Back Porch Musings.  I truly appreciate your visits.
Thank you, also, for indulging this senior with her rambling little story of the confused tree and other things.