~Saturday Photo Fun II~


Straight from Camera 

I wanted an ethereal look when I shot the pot of mums, sitting on the hearth in our hearth room. 

It was late afternoon.  I used the Canon Rebel T2i and the 50mm lens.  The ISO was set on 200.  I focused on the bud, in the center of the photo.


Brightened with Middle Grey Tone


Reduced size to 853x1280, clicked Filter then Water Painting.  I used the 9 brush stroke, on the slide.


Saturate, (+)125 Backlight, Darken Middle


Straight From Camera (no editing)

Canon Rebel T2i, 50mm Lens, 200 ISO. 

The camera was set on AV mode.  The focus was on auto.


Canon Powershot G11

The above photo was taken in early morning light, using the G11.  This is a point and shoot camera.  The camera was set on Auto.  The image is straight from camera.

In this segment of the series, I am using photos from both cameras; showing the possibilities when using a “point and shoot”, as well as the Rebel T2i.


I changed the size from 640x480 to 800x600 and clicked Decolor 4, in the Bright/Color option of Photoscape.


I left the size at 480x640, for this example.  Notice in the background, of this shot, the fireplace is at an angle. Below, shows the same shot after straightening in Picasa.  I haven’t found a way to straighten shots, in Photoscape. 

Photoscape was used for all editing, in this post, except straightening.



Straight from G11 Camera 480x640


Bloom-1 Click, Remove Color Cast-0, Level 100%


Straight from G11 Camera


Sharpen-2, Bloom-Middle (default), in Filter option, Region Out of Focus-Level 5.0, Size 75%, Feather 100%


Straight from G11 Camera


Backlight (+)200%, Water Painting Brush Size 6, Watercolor Pencil 75, Darken=Middle


This bit of whimsy sits on our deck, at Lake of the Ozarks.  As you can see from the water droplets, we were having precipitation, Wednesday morning, the first day of September 2010.

The Rebel T2i was set on P (Program).  The ISO was 200. Focus was set on auto.  I took a few quick shots.  The photos are straight out of camera, using the 50mm Lens.


Lake Flight2

Photos in this mosaic, were taken by our daughter while on a helicopter tour of Lake of the Ozarks, August 2010.  The camera is a Canon Powershot A470.

Next week I’ll talk about making mosaics and frames with Photoscape.



I spotted these salt and peppers at Target.

They’ve found a place to roost in the barn board cabinet.


Happy Labor Day!