Missouri Capitol Building* from press parking area.
Friday evening, after a quick stop at Dierbergs, to pick up the May issue of Romantic Homes, we were on our way. During our drive to the lake, I enjoyed reading Robin Sherwood's article and another featuring Cathy Penton Designs. Both Robin and Cathy's blogs are listed in the sidebar. This issue is packed with gorgeous photos and stories of homes and shops.

Friday, we drove through heavy rain. It snowed Saturday morning!! April 14th 2006, the sun was shining, the temp 92! April 14th, 2007, snow and 30's!!

Saturday, we browsed a bit at the Mikasa Outlet at Osage Beach Outlets. I love to browse Mikasa! While there I purchased napkin rings for the back porch table (look for photos in a future post). We walked over to Eddie Bauer where I bought several tee shirts. In my opinion these are great wardrobe staples!

Another stop was Evergreen Mfg.** This is a very popular place at the lake! Evergreen sells silk trees, wonderful home accessories and high quality silk flowers. All at reasonable prices. The store is open from April 1st through Dec 31st. Of course, I didn't leave without a purchase. This time it was a pair of iron birds and lovely Aromatique Botanical Garden potpourri.

We had lunch at Tonka Hills Restaurant, outside Camdenton, MO. This restaurant was recommended by the owner of Fox and Hounds Antiques. We had a delicious meal of Ozark country cooking, YUM! We will definitely return.

After lunch we drove out to Fox and Hounds where I found a replacement for the broken pink plate. J bought a boxed set of John Deere miniature tractors.


We pass through Jefferson City on our way to and from the lake. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day, so we decided to stop and walk around the Capitol grounds. The grid shows a few of the photos I took, during our walk.

In the fall of 1956, I entered 8th grade. During that year, we studied the Missouri Constitution. Toward the end of the school year we had a field trip to Jeff City. For some reason, I remember very little of the trip. I do recall the rotunda and how beautiful it was. Another destination of our field trip was Algoa Farms, a state correctional facility. I remember how we were admonished to behave while there!! I wonder if 21st century 8th graders are treated to field trips at state correctional facilities!!

J has not toured the interior of the Capitol buildings, so we've put that on our list of things to do. We'll include the Governer's Mansion, pictured in the lower right hand photos of the grid.